Pack Your Beauty Essentials in the DoDo Toiletry Bag (Review)

Usually when I travel I use the smallest piece of my luggage set for my beauty and hygiene needs.  Sometimes that bag has more space than I need if I'm just going away for a weekend or short vacation, though.  There's gotta be a way to carry the essentials neatly without carrying that bigger-than-needed bag, right?

If you're a woman, have you ever thought to use a men's toiletry bag?  If you're a man, you probably already use one, right?

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the DoDo toiletry bag. ** I received it highly discounted in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% my own.**

This bag has a lot more space than you would think.  The hardest part is trying to see how much you can fit in the first time you use it.  You can fit a lot in each individual zipper compartment, but then you can't get the whole thing closed to carry it as a bag.  Even though I exuberantly over-stuffed mine the first time, I was able to pare it down and was still able to fit quite a bit in.

Here's what I was able to fit in and still zip it:

8 oz. bottle of shampoo
8 oz. bottle of conditioner
full-sized bottle of facial moisturizer
full-sized ( 4 - 6 oz. toothpaste)
full-sized tube of facial cleanser
soap in the included plastic soap container
contact case
dental floss
toothbrush (with the included toothbrush cover)
full-sized deodorant

If push comes to shove and you wanted to include your makeup, you could take travel or trial sizes of the shampoo,  conditioner, facial wash and moisturizer.  Those would all fit in the bottom zipper pouch and you could carry your makeup in the top zipper pouch.

The toiletry bag has 3 zippers altogether.  It has one on the bottom compartment, one on the top compartment and one that zips it altogether to make it a carry bag.  It also has 3 pockets and a tiny little zipper pocket on the hanging flap.

One thing to note is that depending on how you put things into the pockets, some things might be upside down when you carry it as a bag, but would be upright when it's hanging.  You would need to make sure your bottles have lids that fit well and wouldn't open when they're upside down.

The hook is not large enough to hang on a doorknob, but would hang on one of those hooks that hotels have on the back of bathroom doors.

When it's full, the zippers can sometimes be hard to get to.  But, if you fold the outside edges down, it zips fine.  The zippers are all one-sided, meaning they don't have zippers on each side that meet in the middle.  They close one way and open the other with one zipper.

I think this toiletry bag will come in very handy.  It might be nice to keep hanging in my bathroom also to have things that I use often close at hand.  Then it would be easy to take down and pack away when guests come over.

You can see my video review below. Don't ask me what my hair was doing!!! It looks crazy. I guess that's what happens when I let my hair air-dry at night!

You can find the DoDo toiletry bag at Amazon:

(affiliate link)

Are you a light packer or a "take your whole bathroom with you" kind of packer when you go for short trips?

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