Soup, It's Not Just for Lunch or Dinner

 As you know,  I'm getting my Organic Fruit & Veggie Haul most weeks.
That leaves me with lots of veggies in our kitchen that we need to use up.  Sometimes I have to get creative to use them.
Since I'm going to have such a busy day today, I figured I'd chop some veggies quickly and throw them into beef broth (one of our favorite kitchen pantry staples).  That way, I could get some things done while it was simmering.
Then, it would be a good, healthy breakfast.  
Soup for breakfast?  
Of course!

My main concern was using up the celery that we have, because I have more on order this week since it's on sale.

I also had those black radishes that I had no idea what to do with.
  I had looked some things up online, but never got around to doing them.  So, I looked online this morning to see if anyone ever actually boils them.  I did see that people chop them up to use in soups and stews.  That was all the verification I needed.  I decided to chop one radish up and throw it into this soup.  When it's cooked, it has kind of a sweet taste.  Apparently, black radishes can be pretty pungent.  But the one I had was pretty mild.  I think some people say that when they're cooked they taste kind of like turnips.  I'll have to take their word on it.  I think I've had turnips once and if I'm remembering correctly, the black radishes, when cooked, do taste like that.
I just peeled and diced mine.
I was able to get all of my veggies chopped while the kids were eating their breakfast and getting dressed for school.  

I also used some grape tomatoes that needed to be used, half a red pepper and three stems of chopped celery.

  I used about 3 cups of beef broth, because that's what I had left over from making that Asparagus & Avocado with Cheesy Mushroom Sauce.
I sprinkled in some turmeric, cumin and garlic powder (some of my kitchen spice pantry favorites!)~~ just a little of each.
I brought the broth & vegetables to a boil, turned it down to low, covered and simmered for 15 minutes.  

Then I added some torn kale and covered and simmered for another 5 minutes.

Then, breakfast was served!

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