Why, Yes! We do Have Cream Cheese & Grapefruit on our Face

 We have had so much grapefruit in our kitchen since citrus has been in season.   I've been using it in all kinds of ways.  Last week, I saw a link for a "Winter Rescue" face mask from Mother Earth News that uses cream cheese and grapefruit juice.   You can make this great DIY face mask in your own kitchen with directions from the link below:

The only change we made to the original recipe is that we used olive oil because we didn't have wheat germ oil.  We also didn't use the optional egg white, which was good because my daughter kept eating it while she was putting it on.  

We only made one portion with the exact amounts given in the recipe.  We were both able to do our faces and hands with that amount.  
I think the mask did make my skin feel more moisturized.  I kept smelling cream cheese for a while after that.  I think it was worth trying,
even if it was just fun for Future Fashionista to put a face mask on that she could eat.

Have you ever tried homemade beauty treatments out of your kitchen?

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