Excellent Spring Weekend, Finally!

We finally had a wonderful weekend, weather-wise here.  It was SUCH a nice weekend!  The sun was shining and the temps were in the 70s.  Can't beat that!

Friday night we were able to have drinks on the porch with friends.

Then Saturday, the kids were able to have their first soccer games finally.  We had to be there all day because my daughter had a double header and it was picture day.

Saturday night we had our first bonfire of the year!  Woo Hoo!

 The stars were out.  It really was beautiful.  And the Spring peepers were peeping.  I love the sound of the frogs at night.  It is one of the sounds of early Spring that signify it really IS Spring!

Sunday we hiked.  I told you guys that I hoped we could go hiking this weekend.  We made it!  It was a little more than I was expecting.  The kids and my hubby wanted to go down into the gorge.  So we went down.

Then they wanted to climb all of the rocks.  I am not a rock climber!  There were some points where I figured I might just be stuck there forever.  I made it though.  I'm just not a confident climber and didn't trust that my running shoes would grip the rock.

I definitely got my workout in today, although it did not become my 6th day in a row of yoga.    And I got to be out in nature, which is what I really wanted for today.  My soul is happy after being able to listen to the babbling of the water in the creek.

Then we came home and my hubby grilled steaks for me and made pierogies for the kids.  I am certainly enjoying this warm, sunny weather!

It's all about the small things and making the most of each moment in time.  I am grateful for this wonderful weekend and hope that you had things to be grateful for this past weekend as well!

What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. What a great day to spend the weekend. There is nothing better than to go out into nature and enjoy the beauty it has to offer. I love going out with my camera and snapping away. But sometimes its best when you put the camera away and just enjoy the view in front of the lens. I am hosting a link party Sweet Inspiration and it runs from Friday till Tuesday. I would be honored if you joined us.

  2. your weekend sounds delightful!!!!!!!!! I am embarrassed to say I did blog work..........would love to live surrounded by nature as you do!!!! Oh and thank you for visiting us!!!! catchatwithcarenandcody


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