Get Organized the Cute Way with ONME CraftyCroc Removable Chalkboard Labels

Have you ever looked at Pinterest and thought, "I wish my house looked that organized!"?  I know I have.  There are so many cute organizational posts where everything is labeled just so.  Usually those posts look so much neater and more peaceful than all of my mismatched boxes and bins that are written on with marker or pen or crayon or whatever I happened to have handy when I was "organizing."

**I received these stickers for free or highly discounted in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine.**

I've found one little secret to make my stuff look like the Pinterest posts!  The secret is these little PVC chalkboard stickers.

There are 48 stickers that come in a handy 3 1/2" x 2" size.  There are 4 different shapes, with 12 stickers in each shape.  The packaging that  I received it in was actually mislabeled, though.  The packaging says "64 PVC Chalkboard Labels."  When I went back to Amazon to check to make sure I wasn't missing sheets of labels, I saw that the listing is actually for 48 labels.  They just need to change their packaging to reflect that.

The stickers come with three chalk paint markers with erasers on the end.  I wrote on some labels and tried to see if I could erase the writing easily.  After using the eraser on the pink writing, I could still see a little bit of what I wrote.  I tried to erase it with a wet paper towel, but there was still a faint heart where  I had written it.

For me, I found that it is best to put the sticker on the item that you want it on and THEN write what you're going to write.  I smeared the words a little bit if I tried to do it the other way around.  Although, I did write some things on some stickers and let them dry for several minutes when I was using them one time.  If you rub your fingers across the writing, it didn't smear.  The only time it smeared after it had a chance to dry was if my fingers were a little wet.  

I thought that I read somewhere that the items that you put the stickers on can be washed, so  I tried that.  It seemed to work out fine.  The sticker didn't come off when I washing it.  It also helped to remove the chalk better than just the eraser or the wet paper towel.  Even after hand-washing and letting it sit to dry, the sticker is still on the vase.

Like most stickers, you have to be careful taking the sticker off the sheet.  Sometimes when I grabbed the sticker, the backing came up with it as well.  It only happened about 1 out of 4 times, though.  Most of them came off without a hitch!   The labels were easy to put on the items I put them on.  They were easy to get off as well.  They say they're reusable, but I probably wouldn't plan on reusing them once you try to take them off, though.  They get a little wrinkled and don't go back on as pretty.  .  .  .  .  unless you're a better sticker remover than me!

I've applied them to stainless steel, glazed ceramic, clay gardening pots and a vinyl binder.  The stickers stuck fine to all four surfaces.

I love how they look!  I can't wait to use these in more projects!

You can find the CraftyCroc Chalkboard Labels on Amazon!
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