Individualize Wine Glasses with Party Pen Pals While Entertaining

Seems like once upon a time wine glass charms were all the rage.  Then, stemless wine glasses became popular.  And I've gotta tell you, I actually prefer stemless wineglasses now.  In our house, there's less of a chance of those tipping over and spilling.  It's pretty hard to put a wine charm on a stemless wine glass, though!

How many times do you entertain friends and drink wine?  If there are several people drinking wine, sometimes it can be hard to figure out who is drinking out of which glass.

**I was recently given the opportunity to try out Party Pen Pals at a huge discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine.**

Now, you can write names on the wine glasses with Party Pen Pals.

  They are markers that can be used on glass, ceramics, etc. and they aren't permanent.  The marker can be washed off with soap and water.  I did try to see if the marker would come off in the dishwasher (just for the sake of saving time and saving my hands!), but it didn't come all the way off.  It's better to hand wash the glasses or dishes.  I did leave the writing on one of my serving dishes for longer than a week because it was holding something on my counter.  It took a little elbow grease, but the marker did come off even after a longer period of time.

The marker appears kind of transparent. . . . kind of like a dry erase marker.
They're simple to use.  Just write with them!  You do have to wait several minutes for them to dry before you touch the glass.  Also, it's not recommended for glasses with cold wine.  The condensation on the glass could cause it to run or smear off.  For cold wine, you should probably break out your stemmed wine glasses and use the marker on the base of the wine glass.

The only issue I had with these markers is that the silver didn't show up very well.  I thought maybe it just didn't show up well on clear glass, but I couldn't really get it to show up very well on white ceramic either.

My set of Party Pen Pals came with Blue, Red, 2 Golds and Silver.

You can find them at Amazon:
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