Love the Versatility of Freedom Superfoods' Organic Cafe Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

Y'all know I've been on a Matcha kick lately.  I can't go to work on the days I work without drinking my matcha first!  I love the energy and focus that it gives me.  I've used different culinary matcha green tea powders in some recipes, also.  I knew that there was a  ceremonial grade matcha that is used for tea ceremonies and for drinking matcha tea.  I also knew that there was culinary matcha that is best used in recipes.  I've tried both before.  I did try to use my last culinary matcha as a plain drink to see what the difference was.  If you remember, I said that it just wasn't as "smooth" as the ceremonial grade.   It was hard to drink the culinary matcha as tea.

Thanks to the company of this new matcha that I've tried, I now know the difference between the different grades of matcha.

**I received this Freedom Superfoods Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder highly discounted in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine.**

Ceremonial grade matcha is usually a bright emerald green.  It has a slight grassy taste with a seaweed aroma and a sweet aftertaste, which makes it good to drink on it's own.  But, it's not usually strong enough to mix into lattes, etc.

The culinary grade matcha has a slightly yellow tone and strong bitter taste that is too strong for straight tea.  But, it's good in recipes.

Freedom Superfoods has created their own Cafe Grade Matcha.  It's a brighter green than culinary matcha and it's not as bitter, so it can be used as a straight tea.  But, it also has enough flavor so that it can be used in baking, smoothies and lattes.  It's a more versatile green tea powder.  These goodies below are pictures from Freedom Superfoods.  They look delish, don't they?

I've been using the organic matcha green tea powder to make tea to drink straight out of the cup.  I boil my water for tea and then let it cool for 5 minutes.  I use about 1/2 teaspoon to 6 ounces of hot (not boiling) water and then whisk the matcha green tea powder into the water until frothy. I love that I can use this tea powder this way.  I had run out of my ceremonial grade matcha and this works just as well.

I've also tried it in a frappe-type drink by blending it in a blender with 8 ounces of vanilla almond milk, a package of Truvia and a cup of ice.  I still need to tweak that recipe, but I think when I get it right, it will be a yummy pick me up in the afternoons!

I will also use it in cookie dough, cookies and muffins. . . . . .and maybe some matcha cupcakes with matcha frosting.  Yum!

Freedom Superfoods grows their matcha in Nisho, Japan. It is handpicked the way buddhist monks have been picking it for over 800 years. Freedom Superfoods packages their matcha green tea powder in a heavy duty bag with a ziptop closure to keep it fresh.  The ziploc top actually closes and opens and closes again with little to no problems~~that's a thing with me, because I've had some bags like that before which have NOT closed.  This one does, thank goodness. The package is 3.6 ounces, so there's quite a few servings in the package.

 I am happy to find a matcha that can be used in so many ways.

You can find Freedom Superfoods Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder at Amazon:

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