Meal Plan Monday, Updates & Goals for the Week

Happy Monday, everyone! (or whatever day this finds you)

I have one tired little girl here this morning.  My daughter went to the Newsboys concert last night and went to bed late.  Now, she's having an extremely hard time getting ready for school!  Truthfully, I am NOT a morning person.  When there's a grouchy person in the house, I don't do very well with them.  I'm working too hard to keep my own grouchies away.

I have to go in and build doggy fences today.  I still haven't made my goal of making 50 in a day.  I thought I was doing really, really well last Wednesday and when I counted them, I only had 45.  Since I only get paid per fence, I'm not making very much money.  As I've said before though, it's more money than I make at home!

At least it's warmer today.  It's been in the 20s in the mornings the past several days.  I am SO ready for warm weather to come and just stay.   Do you agree?

All soccer games and practices were canceled last week because of weather.  Luckily, that meant we could have a nice, lazy weekend.  My hubby and I went to Home Depot to get the wood to make the gallery wall that I've been wanting for a while.  When we finally have it up, I'll be sure to post pictures.  Plus, my hubby hung some curtains in a wide entryway that we have between our living room and kitchen.  We're gonna try it and see if we like it.  Our living room is just a big square room with very little character.  We thought adding curtains might make it a little more . . . . . . something.

I'm finally back to being able to create a dinner menu for the week.  Truthfully though, these are more like "guidelines" since I almost never stick to my menu plan exclusively.  Most weeks for one reason or another, meals get switched or drop off the list completely.  In our kitchen, we have to be fluid.  Nothing is set in stone!  Here is what I plan to make this week.  We'll just see how it goes!

Sunday:  Turkey Tenderloin with Red Potatoes
Monday:  Taco night
Tuesday:  Ground turkey and cabbage soup
Wednesday:  Spaghetti and meatballs
Thursday:  Rice and Bean Enchiladas
Friday:  Roasted Chicken
Saturday:  Every man for himself!

Goals for the week:

Clean the craft room a little more.
Work on some crafts that I have in mind.
Keep up with laundry.
Get back to SOME kind of workout plan.  It's been too long!

What's on your meal plan this week?  Have any goals?

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