Menu Monday and Goals for the Week

The beginning of this week is going to be interesting because I haven't made it to a store in a while!  I just told my daughter lunches will probably be interesting tomorrow. . . . . . . canned green beans, corn, chickpeas. . . .   "You want corn for your snack?  Haha."  She's home sick today.  Poor little thing has a slight upset stomach and dizziness.  She definitely doesn't want to miss school tomorrow because they have testing tomorrow.  Who knows what kind of standardized testing they're doing now.  I can't keep up.  I think it's AIR testing now.  My kids seriously put so much pressure on themselves.  Yikes!

I do have some things left in the kitchen freezer to begin the menu plan for this week.  I think I'm going to try to start clearing out my freezers so that I can reassess what we need.  I have so many frozen veggies right now, I think one of my meals this week is going to be a slow-cooker soup.

My goals this week look pretty similar to my goals last week!  I did manage to accomplish one of my goals last week!!  I did yoga 5 days last week
and we went hiking yesterday.  I'm happy that I accomplished getting back on track with working out.  Hopefully I can keep it up this week.  I think the yoga is starting to bother my hand where it was broken, though.  It might be too much pressure to be putting on it every day doing those side plank poses.

As for my other goals from last week. . . . I STILL need to get in there and clean out the craft room!  My step mom is coming up next week and she needs a place to sleep!  I have no choice but to get it done this week.  And I also never got my crafty things done that I wanted to do.

Also, I have gotten some organic stuff two weeks in a row now.  I'm finally ordering it again, although the company had a hiccup this week and it wasn't there when it was supposed to be!  I think I must be the only one who orders anymore.  I order through a delivery company and they deliver it to the school at my church.  Here's what we got this past week:

Let's just move on to the menu plan in our kitchen this week:

Sunday:  The kids wanted pierogies. Plus, it was such a nice day yesterday, I wanted to grill out.  My hubby grilled steak for me and he made pierogies for the kids.
Monday:  Whole chicken in the slow cooker.
Tuesday:  Pasta Salad
Wednesday: Slow cooker Ground Turkey/Veggie Soup
Thursday: Stir fry veggies, noodles & chicken
Friday:  Rice & Bean Enchiladas
Saturday:  Whole chicken (again!)

Goals for this week!
  • Get that craft room cleaned!!!!
  • Continue doing yoga.
  • Work on at least 2 crafts.
Actually, since I have to take the kids to soccer practice three nights this week and work two days, I'd be happy if I just got the first two things done. Crafts might have to wait!

What's on your menu board and to-do list this week?

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