SwissVita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out an eye cream by SwissVita.  Since I'm not getting any younger, I figured, "Why not???"  Dark undereye circles run in my family and I have a few lines around my eyes from years of sunshine and smiling.  I could always use a little help in that area.

**I received the Swissvita Eye Cream for free or highly discounted in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine.**

Here are before and after pictures of my eyes.
I truthfully, have not seen much change in my eye area.  I actually stopped using the eye cream because I thought the skin around my eyes was beginning to look worse.  Of course, these were my results. Other people seem to be having better luck with the eye cream.  Different products work differently for different people.

Here is some info about the eye cream. 

The Swiss Vita eye cream is loaded with ingredients that are supposed to help the fragile eye area.

Here are some of the ingredients and which eye skin conditions they are supposed to help:

AC11 -- even out fine lines and tighten up skin.
Galactoarabinan -- protects and forms a skin barrier. Increases skin tightness and elasticity.
LS9736-- A plant extract. Improves dull skin around the eyes, repairs sensitive skin, soothes environmental irritants.

The eye cream comes in a tube that needs to be pierced before use. ( Kind of like a superglue tube.)  I like the packaging. It makes it easy to get the right amount after the first time. It only takes a small amount to dab lightly around the eyes.

To me, it seems like more of a gel than a cream. You can see it in the first photo above.
It says that it's a non-greasy cream. To me, it seemed kind of sticky. It left my eye area sticky and shiny even after "absorption."  Plus, I had a hard time putting makeup on over it.

As I said, it seems like other people were having better luck with it.  I think I prefer something more like a lotion that doesn't leave my eye area as sticky. I also feel like when I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror, that the lines and wrinkles under my eyes were worse than if I would use nothing at all.  It might be that I need to use this in conjunction with something a little creamier--maybe a two step process would help me.  This has hyaluronic acid in it and in my experience in the past, I usually need to put an additional moisturizer or cream on top of any products with hyaluronic acid. 

The good things about the eye cream were that it was easy to use and it didn't cause any irritation at all.  I also like the packaging.

I am so blessed to be able to try so many things. I appreciate that Swissvita gave me the opportunity to try it. I believe that they put their heart and soul into this product and all of the people are very informative and friendly.  The eye cream just wasn't a good fit for me.  You might have different results. You can see all of the reviews for the Swissvita eye cream and try it for yourself at Amazon

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