What to Do When Your Store-Bought Rose Bouquet Has Lost Freshness

I bought a half dozen red roses on the day that I had the "mean reds."  I decided that I might as well make a theme of the red and go with it!  I spent that day searching for inexpensive red items at our local discount store.  I was very happy to find a half dozen red roses for $5.99.  They're more than a week old now though.  Petals are falling off.  The buds have opened and are starting to droop over the side.  The vase is tall and in the way.  We keep scooting it around the island to get it out of our way.  Those poor roses were past their glory days.

I wasn't ready to throw them out yet, though.  So, I cut the flowers off with about three inches of stem left on.  Some of the leaves that they used as filler were still really green, too.  So, I put the worst roses upside down in a small clear glass bowl vase and put the best rose face up.  Then I arranged the still-green stems of leaves and the baby's breath around them.  I think it's pretty for now and I might get a couple more days out of these roses!

What do you do with your roses when they begin to die?  Do you hang them and dry them or just toss them?

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