Wooden Beer Carrier Decoration Craft

 When I was rearranging and cleaning my living room last week:

I also cleaned out some of my kitchen cabinets to rearrange in there, too.  I moved half my cookbooks from my cookbook cabinet to the counter in neat, controlled stacks.  I was trying to get all of the OTHER clutter into the cabinets.  I thought maybe stacks of cookbooks would look better than my laptop, the horizontal files, loads of paperwork, kids' school stuff, products that needed to be reviewed. . . . . . etc.  I moved all of that stuff into the kitchen cabinet beneath the counter and into the cookbook cabinet.  I have since changed the cookbook arrangement.  Everything around here is always a work in progress!  I make tweaks all the time.  I like things a certain way for a little bit and then I get used to it and need to change!

While I was in the cabinets under the counter, I found the wooden beer crate my stepmom got my hubby for Christmas last year (or his birthday, maybe?)  I figured I'd move it out into the light as a decoration in my living room.

I was picturing some pretty white flowers in the brown beer bottles.

When I went on an impromptu shopping trip to one our local discount stores last week, I found this cheap wedding bouquet.  It cost me $3.99!!!

  I figured I could dismantle the bouquet and use the flowers.  I just pulled the bouquet apart and put a couple individual flowers in each beer bottle.

It looks exactly the way I was hoping it would look.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

I also found the "awesome" canvas below and the beaded sticks that are in the silver vase.  I love shopping the closeout section of our discount store!  So many cute things.
Do you like discount shopping?  Who wouldn't, right? How often do you get bored and rearrange furniture?

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