YouTube Videos to Help Stretch for Splits

 You may or may not know (or remember!) that I have a goal to do a split this year.  I found some videos that help you stretch to get limber enough to do splits.  I'm going to have to try these!  I love this girl from Blogilates.  At least she told us to warm up before the stretches!

Truthfully, I want someone who is not already totally flexible to teach these videos!  Ha!  I think the hardest part for me is going to be consistency.  I find it so hard to be consistent.  There are a lot of areas in my life that could benefit from consistency!!!

A lot of these videos are the same stretches, but maybe you like one of the people better than another for whatever reason.  A couple of the stretches that they do are already in my one favorite 20 minute yoga video that I do.  I guess maybe I could just go a little farther in the stretches when I do my normal yoga video.

Did you have any crazy fitness goals this year?

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