Book Review | Mom's Journey: Practical Tips for Raising Kids

If you're a mother, you've probably figured out by now that most of the time we're all just making this stuff up as we go along.  None of us were born knowing how to be a mother.  The mother grows with the child.  I remember before having kids that I thought all the women who were mothers had it all together and knew exactly what they were doing.  Once I became a mother I realized we're all a hot mess and we're just learning as we go.  All those "perfect" mothers I thought existed, didn't really exist.

Of course, there are a lot of parenting books out there that can help you with your mothering journey~~if you have the time to read them.

I've recently been given the opportunity to read a book called Mom's Journey: Practical Tips for Raising Kids. ** I received it for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine. **

This book is quick and easy to read.  The author wrote it because she felt like when she first had her kids, the only parenting books out there were by experts and there weren't any real-life parenting books.  I guess she wanted to hear from real-life moms.  So, it's my thinking that she wrote this book to fill that gap.

As far as the actual advice in this book goes, it was way too general for me.  I truthfully think I need the tips from the experts who can break everything down and tell me exactly what to do.  If I would have read this book when my babies were small, there's not a lot of real advice that would have helped me.

It's all well and good for someone to tell you that not having laundry lying in your living room will create a more peaceful house.  It's also nice to "hear" that yelling at your kids isn't the answer.  But, how do you actually get to those points?  The whole "count to 10" thing probably isn't enough advice, right?  Creating meal plans?  Already do it.

I actually agree with a lot of what she says.  I disagree with some of what she says.  And some of it isn't actually practical at all~~like "hire help."  Some of us can't afford to hire help.  Then what are we supposed to do?

And I kind of giggled when she said that none of her kids were allowed to play musical instruments because she didn't want a loud house~~or however she worded it.  At some point, as parents, we have to go beyond ourselves and let our kids do the things that set their soul on fire, whether it might drive us a little crazy or not.  It might have created a "peaceful house" to not have that "noise", but to what end?

Also, if I would have anything in my mouth, I would have spit it out when she said that kids shouldn't have pacifiers past the age of four.  It's my opinion~~and that's just it, my opinion~~ that kids shouldn't have them past two.  Yet she said that she potty trained her kids at a young age and they just did it.  They stopped wearing diapers both day and night.  I think she does say that you have to wait until the child is ready.  But some of the things she says are just kind of "out there."  My daughter started showing interest in potty training when she was almost two, but wasn't fully potty trained at night until way later.  She still actually had accidents at night up until the age of seven.

The book also claims to have practical tips for the toddler ages to the teen years.  I don't think there's anything in this book that will help me deal with any of the issues that will be coming up in my kids' teenage years.

I love that she put herself out there.  That takes guts. I love that she was trying to fill a void that she felt existed.  The book is like talking to a friend about what she did and didn't do.  I would probably buy the digital version just to hear another mom's point of view.  I didn't really think that the "practical tips" were as practical as she thought they were though.  I would not want to pay the price for the paperback book.  That is just my opinion though.

I think of this book as gentle reminders from a friend about how parenthood could be.    So, in conclusion:  I would buy the digital copy to hear another Mom's Journey, but  I wouldn't pay the paperback price for the practical tips.

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