Just Breathe! It's Gonna Be a Couple Busy Weeks!

Here you go.  My mantra for the next couple weeks.

Just Breathe.

As we go hurtling toward the end of the school year, there is a lot going on.  I'll be working two days a week until the end of May.  Plus, we have lots of product reviews to do.  And, we have an appointment with the pediatric pulmonologist to figure out how to better help my daughter when she has exercise induced asthma.  Muffins with mom. Bear awards. Band concert. Wax museum~~all the kids in the 3rd grade dress up as a historic character and have to recite a speech whenever anyone "pushes their button."~~it's actually really cute.  And let's not forget crazy soccer weekend.  We'll have eight games that weekend.  My hubby has been working Saturdays, so of course all soccer games fall to me.  He will be able to see four games on crazy soccer weekend, because there will be four games on Saturday and four games on Sunday.  So, at least he'll get to see the last four games.

Thankfully, I also have a chiropractor's appointment coming up.  That's one thing I don't mind doing, although any time I have to leave my house on one of my "days off" is kind of annoying.  Haha.  Goodness knows there's enough housework to do in the house on my "days off."

Oh!  I also just became an independent consultant for Lemongrass Spa.  Yay!  I love that they have products that are 97 - 100% Natural and some organic products.  So excited.  I still have to figure all of that stuff out.  

On that note. . . . . . . I hope all of you Super Amazing Women out there had a Mother's Day as awesome as you are!

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