Pop-Ups, Soccer, AirSoft Guns, Tall Plants. . . . Ahh, the Weekend

We had all kinds of stuff happen in the days leading up to the weekend and during the weekend.  Well really, all we had going on during the weekend was soccer.  A lot of soccer.  It was the final weekend of soccer and the rec league has what is called "soccer days."  We just call it crazy soccer weekend.  We love it.  Between our two kids we have eight games during the weekend.  All of the games were exciting, as most of the U11 girls teams were pretty evenly matched.  My daughter's team took down the undefeated team.  Unfortunately, they lost their first game and tied their third game and ending up losing their final game.  The undefeated team that they beat on Saturday ended up playing for first place.  That game came down to double overtime and the team that beat us Saturday morning ended up taking first place.  That was confusing, I know.
  My son's age group ended up playing academy-style all season.  All the boys practiced together all season long and they drew marbles to see which team they would play on each game.  Then, points were awarded to boys during the game for wins, losses, ties, etc.  My son ended up in the second group, which I guess would be equivalent to being in second place.  ???  It was a fun season.  Another soccer season, come and gone.

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Both kids are planning to try out for travel team for next season.  We'll see how that goes. I think it's pretty competitive to get on the team at my son's age.

So. . . . .in other news. . . . my hubby came home with a truckload of plants last week.  He bought six of these biggish things.  Hopefully we don't kill them.

Then, he went to pick up a pop-up camper.  He might be a little manic right now.  .  .  .  .
We are all on board with the camper though.  Hopefully we'll be able to make some camping trips this Summer.  Right now I'm just trying to get the "old" smell out of the curtains.  Not sure that's going to happen though.  Those things are so old.  They're stained and have holes in them, but I can't sew more because they have special plastic clips sewn in.  I guess I could cut them off and sew new curtains to the fabric at top.  Then they'd be mainly new.  Only the strip with the plastic clips would be old.  Hmmmmmm. . . . .

Also this weekend, the kids all played with airsoft guns.  There was some timidity for some of the kids in the beginning because they were afraid of getting hit by the plastic pellets.  I think most of them ended up playing though.  Don't worry.  They all had their safety glasses on.

We only have 8 days of school left now.  There are some cities around here who had their last day last Friday!!  I can't imagine. I can NOT believe how quickly this year flew by.  They go quicker and quicker and quicker.  I plan to enjoy the Summer with my kids.  I don't know how many more Summers they'll want to be anywhere near me.  I've got to take them while I can get them!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy Monday, everyone!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I bet they had a blast with the airsoft guns! I know our kids would love it! I'm sure you'll be enjoying the popup camper too!

    1. They did for the most part, Angela! I really think we'll enjoy the pop-up. All I know is that it's got to be better than sleeping on an air mattress on the ground!! LOL Thanks for stopping by and for entering the giveaway. Have a great week!


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