Our First Family Camping Trip

Our first camping trip was a success!  The pop-up popped up. 

The wood we took burned. The food we took, cooked.  The relaxation was had.  I walked barefoot in the grass by our campsite the whole time.  When was the last time you walked barefoot in the grass??

We only reserved for one night because my hubby wasn't thrilled about having to spend one night camping in the rain.  But, we were all enjoying our trip after the first night and my kids and I convinced my hubby to try to stick it out through the rain on Saturday night.

It did end up raining beginning in the afternoon Saturday and rained a lot during the night on Saturday night.  We stayed pretty dry in the pop-up.  The only part that got wet was the side of my mattress that was touching the outside.

The campground was nice.  The bathrooms were clean.  There was a lake that you could rent pedal boats or canoes on, although we didn't. 

There was also a little beach on the lake where you could swim.  The lake had a film on it, so we just stuck to the pool!  The kids went in the pool twice during our trip.  There were several playgrounds throughout the campground.  There was a mini-golf place, although we didn't make it that either.

They also showed a movie on Friday night next to the "Wreck Room."  We just brought our chairs and sat under the stars to watch Goonies. My hubby and daughter said that they saw shooting stars.  There were also a couple fireflies out.  Some of you might call them lightning bugs! 

Saturday night, there was a band in the Snack Shack over by the beach.  The band was pretty good, but the kids weren't into it and they were tired.

So, we ended Saturday night playing Uno in our camper and drinking wine out of our plastic wine cups that we bought for camping. 

So, as I said. . . . .our first camping trip was a success and I can mark that off my
50 before Fifty List. 

Do you enjoy camping?


  1. I love your pop up camper! Camping is a big thing here in Oregon. :) Always on the river for me!

  2. I love your pop up camper! Camping is a big thing here in Oregon. :) Always on the river for me!

  3. wow! I've always wanted a camping trip with my family but i guess we still have yet to plan one... thank you for this post i feel so motivated to push some plans! and happy that you enjoyed! :)

    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  4. Looks like you guys had an awesome trip! I love camping, especially making food over a campfire. Looking forward to doing this a bit over the summer.

    All the best,


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