Three Ways to Light Up a Patriotic Theme Party

With Independence Day around the corner, you’re probably getting ready for fireworks, parades, and barbecues. Patriotic celebrations are fun for people of all ages, the perfect time for great family events, and full of fantastic ways to reconnect with neighbors you haven’t seen in a while. Lights are one of the most enjoyable ways to add color to your patriotic-themed parties. You don’t need to wait for July 4 to throw a great patriotic party, either. Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and homecoming parties for soldiers are also wonderful opportunities to celebrate your patriotism.


Mason Jars

If you’re good with a hammer and a drill, make a centerpiece out of Mason jars and patriotic lights. The Country Chic Cottage has instructions on filling Mason jars with patriotic lights in a clever way that hides the light strands. It’s a fun decoration that fits perfectly in the center of a table of patriotic-themed food or outside as a garden party accent piece.
Alternatively, you can paint patriotic designs on the outside of Mason jars, then put candles inside them. These DIY lanterns are a great way to bring candles to an outdoor party, because the glass shields them from the wind so they won’t blow out as easily.


Patriotic Lanterns

Buy some paper lanterns. You may be able to find patriotic-themed paper lanterns, but for a fun DIY project, buy plain white lanterns and paint them yourself. Look for small and medium-sized paper lanterns that hook on strings of Christmas lights, then decorate them with red and blue paint. Remember that when you paint them, you increase the paper’s opacity, which will block the light. Leave enough white space during your painting project so that the lanterns can really shine.
Consider painting red and blue stars on some lanterns, red stripes on a few others, and some fun abstract designs as well. This is a great project to do with the kids. Gather the whole family around the table and enjoy getting into the patriotic spirit.


Red, White, and Blue Lighting

Image via Flickr by Sister72

Your options for red, white, and blue lighting are vast. If you’ve got a big outdoor space with lots of ambient lighting, think about buying red and blue lightbulbs. Replace your current lightbulbs with these colored options for a fun way to introduce the colors of the American flag into the lighting itself.

Patriotic-themed lights, like the stars and flags you’ll find at Christmas Lights Etc, add a wonderful visual aspect to the celebration. Get string lights shaped like stars; Christmas lights that feature only red, white, and blue; or large light displays shaped like the American flag.

Patriotic-themed parties are a fun way to bring everyone together, to focus on our nation’s history, and to celebrate and appreciate the soldiers who have served and who are currently serving the United States. Use these ideas to light up your annual July 4 party, or use them as an excuse to start a new patriotic tradition!

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  1. Great ideas! I just love using mason jars to decorate.


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