Make Relaxation Easy with the Nortwill Cuddly Double Person Hammock

When I think of relaxing Summer days, I think of lying in a hammock staring up at the trees.

We had a hammock for a while.  I bought my first hammock on ebay and it was one of those big, heavy canvas type hammocks.  We had it for almost 12 years and last year the thing finally split right in half.  Our kids got more use out of it in the end than my hubby and I did.

We were just saying how we needed to get a new hammock.  On our last camping trip, I was even commenting how awesome it would be to bring a hammock with us.  I would never want to bring the type of hammock that we originally had, though.  It's too heavy and bulky. . . . not easy to pack up at all.  Space is already limited when we go camping and the old style hammock would just take up to much room.

Then an opportunity presented itself.

**We received this Nortwill Cuddly 2 Person Hammock for a huge discount in exchange for our honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% ours.**

When we received the box with the hammock, my hubby commented on how small and lightweight the box was.  Then we opened it and he exclaimed "That's what all the skydivers use!!!"  I'm pretty sure he was immediately a fan.  This hammock is in fact made with the same fabric that parachutes use.  It's a lightweight, strong nylon.  It folds up so small that we can DEFINITELY take this one camping with us.  We just need to make sure we have a spot with at least two trees.

The hammock is big enough to fit two people.  It's 9'4" x 6'2".   It can hold up to 400 pounds.

It also has double straps that are reinforced about every 5 inches or so with triple stitching.  The caribineers are made from aviation aluminum and the rope is 6mm nautical grade.

 We should have this thing for a good, long while.  It will definitely help us up our relaxation quotient on our camping trips!

It's easy to put up and to take down and pack away.  You can watch the video below to see how quickly my hubby was able to pack this thing away into the bag which is sewn into the side of the hammock

You can find the Nortwill Cuddly Double Person Hammock at Amazon:
 (affiliate link)

Now, excuse me while I chill.

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