Happy National Coffee Day

Does anyone else find it funny that National Coffee day follows National Drink Beer Day?  Ha!

As with yesterday, I'll be showing some of the coffees that we had while we were in Europe.  When we were in Switzerland, we actually had a coffee machine that was built into the kitchen cabinets.  It was pretty cool.  I didn't actually get a picture of it.  We actually ran out of coffee beans while we were there and tried to buy coffee at the Co-op, but got the wrong thing.  We thought we were buying beans but ended up with some kind of K Cup things.  We ended up having to open up the K Cups and use a French Press to make our coffee the last day we were in Switzerland (luckily the kitchen was really well stocked there!)  The picture below was from when the machine was still working and we weren't in a rush to get out of town!  The top peaks were finally beginning to peak through.  We had clouds and rain for the first couple days.  The blue skies were a welcome sight!
Here are some more pics of our European coffee adventures!

My hubby was not a big fan of European coffee.  I read in a book that Europeans drink small amounts of really good coffee as opposed to the HUGE proportions that Americans drink.  I think it's cute the way every cup of coffee we got had a little sugar packet and a little treat.  I will definitely miss the cute little cups of strong coffee.

The cute presentation makes me want to break the small cups and saucers out of my kitchen cabinets!  

Happy National Coffee Day!

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  1. Happy National Coffee Day! I adore coffee and blogged about it today too.....FYI October 1st is INTERNATIONAL Coffee Day! catchatwithcarenandcody


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