Happy National Drink Beer Day!

It's funny to me to make a post about "National" Drink Beer day when these pictures are all from Europe.  We tried to drink the local beers and wine when we were there.  I never did drink the one popular French beer, because I've had it before at one of our Disney Parties. 

We were really, really tired by this point.  I think this was on our first day in Switzerland.  It had been a long 36 hours or so already.  This beer is Rugenbrau, which seems to be the most popular beer in Switzerland.  It was the beer that was on all the signs at most pubs and restaurants. 

This is one that we were drinking when were in Horner's Pub in Lauterbrunnen.  Horner's Pub was home base for all of the BASE jumpers when we were there. I have no idea where this one originates.

This is the Heineken that I drank while I was waiting for the more adventurous (everyone but me) people at the Canyoning Park.  
We had a couple nights in Barcelona before we left Europe.  I believe we had a beer that was native to the Catalunya region while we were watching the fireworks for the La Merce festival.  
I had several other types of beers while we were in Europe, but didn't get images of them all.  I had to rely on my little digital camera.  It seems that most phone cameras are better than my digital camera now, but it's what I had with me.  My phone wouldn't work in Europe while we were there, so I left it with parents in case anyone tried to get in touch with me while we were gone.  Figured it would make things easier for all of us!

What beer are you going to drink today on National Drink Beer Day?

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