Unique Outdoor Family Activities

It’s so easy to become stuck in a rut when it comes to family fun. Visiting the same playground over and over can be incredibly dull. If you’re looking to try something out of the routine, check out some of these unique options for outdoor family fun. These activities will help you and the whole family get outside and have fun.

Pick Your Own Produce

Load up the family in the car and head down to your nearest pick-your-own farm to fill a basket full of fresh produce. In the spring, you can score fresh, juicy strawberries. Summer means blueberries and raspberries. Fall is the time for apples and pumpkins. The kids will love picking their own food, while you'll be able to rest easy knowing that it’s farm-fresh. When you get home, everyone can work together to bake a delicious treat or cook a nutritious meal with the newly picked ingredients.

Find Your Way Out of a Corn Maze

Corn mazes give you the chance to get up close and personal with agriculture while solving a giant puzzle. Tractors cut down corn in complex patterns to create challenging life-sized mazes. Some corn mazes can take as little as 20 minutes to solve, while others can keep you busy for over an hour. Some mazes even offer clue stations, or signs, throughout the maze to help lost participants find their way out.

Go Geocaching Around Town

Geocaching is an exciting way to hunt for treasure, get some exercise and explore new places in your area. The caches are usually small boxes or containers, containing a logbook and sometimes knick knacks or treasures. Feel free to take a trinket and replace it with one of your own. To get started, sign up for an account at Geocaching.com, enable GPS on your smartphone and begin searching for a cache near you.

Find Buried Treasure

If you’d rather stay home to find treasure, hide a box of goodies in the backyard and have the kids find it. Decorate an old shoe box with paint or wrapping paper, stuff it with goodies from the dollar store, then bury it in the yard. Help the kids find the treasure by either drawing a map or by creating clues. Set it up so that one clue leads to another and another until finally pointing the way to the treasure.

Set Up Games in Your Backyard

Backyard games are a cheap and easy way to get in some outdoor family time. One small purchase can bring fun to your backyard for many summers. Make a day out of it by following up an old school game of croquet with a light picnic in the grass, complete with tea and cookies. If you really want to work up a sweat and engage in some friendly competition, set up a badminton or volleyball net. After the game, everyone can cool off by running through a sprinkler.

Grow a Butterfly Garden

Create a small flower garden in your backyard to attract butterflies. Choose butterfly-friendly plants, such as lavender, marigolds, purple coneflowers, and a butterfly bush. The whole family can work together to choose and plant the flowers. Then, you can purchase a little notebook to use as a butterfly garden logbook. When the butterflies begin to appear, use the notebook to record the species that frequent your garden. Take this a step further by creating a little fairy garden to go with your flowers.

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This guest post contribution was made by Maze Play, a company dedicated to helping farmers and families come together by finding local corn mazes  to have a day of fun.

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