10+ Uses for Vodka That Do Not Involve Drinking Cocktails

What's the first thing you think of when someone says Vodka?  Maybe a vodka martini?  Or a screwdriver?  Vodka & Cranberry?  It's funny to me that we drink a drink made from potatoes and we mix it with so many different types of fruit.  But, did you know that vodka has many non-drinking uses?  It's probably because vodka doesn't have a distinct taste and smell the way rum or tequila do.  So, break that bottle of vodka out of your kitchen cabinet or liquor cabinet and make these DIY beauty treatments, household products & more.

Here are some of the ways that you can use vodka, without actually drinking it.

  • Make your own DIY hand sanitizer.  Find out how at No Ordinary Homestead.  Tiffany has three different recipes, one of which uses vodka~~ Making Homemade Hand Sanitizer.

  • Make a DIY Fragrance Diffuser. I just made a fragrance diffuser a couple days ago.  I love my choice of using Neroli Essential Oil and Clove Essential Oil.  Such a great way to add a little natural fragrance to a room. 

  • Okay, this one actually is a drink.  I couldn't, however, pass up the idea of chocolate infused          vodka.  You can find out how to make chocolate infused vodka at WikiHow:  How to Make Chocolate Vodka. I believe when I get the chance, I'll try the freezer infusion method.  Sounds way easier, and I think I can be patient for two weeks!

  • Here's another use I never would have thought of!  Make your own deodorant with vodka.  This is an all natural way to kill the bad bacteria and add a little natural scent.  It is NOT an antiperspirant, which means it won't stop you from sweating.  But, if you get freaked out by all of the chemicals in the over the counter stuff, you could try out this version:  How to Make Deodorant with Vodka

  • Here's another idea that is along the lines of the smell-goods!  Create your own Lavender Linen Spray.  Lavender is relaxing.  I sometimes add lavender essential oil to my sheets when I wash them.  I like the idea of this lavender linen spray, though.  Bonus from this article~~ I didn't know you could buy lavender buds online!  Guess I never thought about it.  I might actually get myself in trouble with that knowledge.  Find out how Jennifer created her spray here:  How to Make Lavender Linen Spray.

  • There are several other uses listed in this article on the Reader's Digest website, including removing sticker goo and getting shiny hair:  12 Surprising Uses for Vodka.

I think it goes without saying that you need to keep any and all of these away from pets and kids.  But, if we need to say it:  Keep anything that you create with vodka away from your pets and kids.  Also, certain essential oils are not good for pregnant or nursing women, young kids and pets.  Please do a little research to find out which essential oils shouldn't be used with kids/pets and during pregnancy.

Which do you think is your favorite NON-drinking use for vodka?

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