Apple and Herb Simmer Pot & 5 Other Links to a Fabulous Smelling Natural Home

Apple season is almost over, but I am still loving the scent of apples.  I wanted to make a simmer pot to scent my home and kitchen last week and decided to create a spicy apple and herbs scent.  The kids kept asking me, "What is that smell? Are you making apple crisp?"  No, kids.  Unfortunately I am not making apple crisp. . . . . although I still need to do that.  I bought Heavy Whipping Cream to make homemade whipped cream for the apple crisp!  It's just waiting to be made. . . . .

For this simmer pot, I used the peels from three smallish apples.  I have no idea what type of apples they were because they were some of the ones my stepmom picked while she was here and they were mixed.

I placed the peels in a small saucepan.  I added one lemon, which was sliced.

Then I added 1 teaspoon of the homemade pumpkin spice blend that was
linked in my 10 Fun Ways to Use Pumpkin Spice post.

Plus, I added a half teaspoon of Herbs de Provence.

I keep Herbs de Provence in my kitchen cabinet for when I make vegetable Moussaka (which truthfully isn't often enough!)  From what I've read, Herbs de Provence is not a set blend of herbs.  It's made with whatever they may have on hand at the time.  I got my herb blend from our local grocery store and it contains these herbs:  Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, Aniseed and Lavender.
I turned the burner on low and stirred everything together while the pot heated up.  Then I added water to just cover everything.  I simmered mine for about a half hour.  I let it sit on my kitchen stove and then turned it on again a little later.  I used it several times throughout the day.  When it dried out, I just added more water.  Next time I might leave the lemon out and just do apple and spice. 

Funny story about the apples that I peeled.  I put them in lemon water, a trick I've used before so that the apples don't brown in my kids' lunch boxes.  BUT. . . . . . . . . .  . I accidentally left them in the water too long, and the acid in the lemon made the apples soft.   Nobody would eat them that way, so I made apple sauce with them!  When Life gives you Lemons. . . er, Apples, make Apple Sauce!  I just threw the apples in a small saucepan with a little water and a little of that Pumpkin Pie Spice mix and simmered until I could mash the apples with my spoon.  Ate it all up this morning! So, no pictures for you!

Here are some more ways to scent your house naturally.

How do you create an inviting, warm-smelling home?

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