DIY Ripped & Ragged Boyfriend Jeans & Pops of Color

I love denim.  I've always been such a denim girl.  And truthfully, I don't mind destroying a pair of jeans.  It used to be a joke. . . . 25 years ago. . . . that I cut more clothes than a lot of people owned.   I remember when jeans with holes were around in the 80s and 90s.  Back then, we used to like to wear lace tights under our hole-y jeans.  Now, I wear them with colored tights or printed athleisure leggings.  This pair of Ripped & Ragged jeans came about because I'm just not that comfortable wearing my comfy printed leggings without a shirt that's long enough to cover my stuff, but I still like my leggings.  I decided to make peek-a-boo holes in my jeans so that the cute prints would still show.  Of course today, I did them with some colorful tights. 

These are boyfriend jeans.  I mean, they're actually seriously guy jeans.  I bought them several years ago way cheap on a clearance rack at Penney's.   I've never worn them though because the waist is high and the legs are wider than I'd like.  So, they were the perfect pair for a DIY transformation.

I cut a little hole in one knee and then ripped so that the fabric ripped all the way from one seam to the other.

Then, on the other leg, I didn't want the hole exactly at the knee.  I decided to do two holes in that leg.  I made one hole a couple inches above the knee and one hole a couple inches below the knee.  Being symmetrical is so overrated. BUT. . . . then I decided I'd make a hole in the knee anyway.

Then, I cut the edge off the pockets and I cut the seams on the bottom to expose the raw edge.

A trip through the washer and dryer finished this pair up.

I like pairing them with bright colored tights underneath for a bright pop of color. You can tell I was having a pop of color, casual tee, half-pulled scraggly pony-tail, pearl earrings, bright fuschia lip with a bare face kind of day.  And of course I'm not your typical "fashion" blogger. I don't have a fancy DSL camera set up with perfect lighting. I have a tablet and a floor or a night stand or whatever I can prop that thing on. I have ceiling fans and dirty floors and bedroom doors. One should never take themselves too seriously!!!!  You can tell I don't. 

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  1. I know ripped jeans are popular, in fact I have seen them on the store racks, but I just can not get myself to wear them. If I find a pair of jeans with holes in the knees I give them to Good Will. I can't believe you cut holes in a perfectly good pair of jeans! I guess we all like different styles.

    1. LOL! Yes, thank goodness we all like different styles, right? The world would be so boring if we all liked the same stuff and thought the same way. I'm sure someone at Goodwill loves your jeans! Thanks for stopping by Cascia. I'll try to make it to your fashion page today. :)

  2. I like the idea of wearing the leotards underneath! Instead of cutting though, I 'sand' mine with a big ol' file.

    1. What a great idea Christine! That makes it much more natural. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I remember wearing pants with holes in the 90's. Everything old is new again I guess!

  4. I just tried it with an old faded pair. They’re in the washer now!


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