My Travel Wardrobe for Our Europe Trip

As I said in my last post about packing hacks, I wanted to pack as lightly as I could for our trip to Europe, while still not running out of clothes.

We didn't know whether we were going to have access to a washer and dryer or not. I wanted to be prepared, BUT I also only wanted to be able to carry all of my luggage on with me on the planes. Here are the things that I packed that I ACTUALLY ended up wearing. Well, I didn't wear the dress. . . . .but I could have! It was pretty small to pack. And it's cute. Darn it! I wish I would have worn the dress! Here's a list of what I had with me that I actually used:

2 Pairs of Jeans (1 worn on the plane)
2 Pairs of Solid Colored Compression Leggings (Black pair worn on plane under jeans. Gray not shown here.)
4 Tank Tops ~~ Blue, Black, Gray, Longer Gray. (Only 3 shown)
2 Pairs of Printed Leggings
1 Slouchy Gray Sweatshirt
1 Slouchy Lightweight Green Long Sleeved Shirt
1 Black and White Striped Cowl Neck Short Sleeved Shirt
1 Gray Striped Long Sleeve Fitted Tee
1 Gray Short Sleeve Tee (Worn on plane)
1 Blue Hoodie Shirt (Worn on plane)
1 Black Hoodie Tee ~~ "Love is the Movement"
1 Hot Pink Lightweight Knit Slouchy Cardigan-Shirt
1 Hot Pink & Gray Hoodie (Worn on Plane Trip Back)
1 Ruffled Gray Blouse
1 Black Dress
1 Dark Gray Long Sleeve Button Up Cardigan
1 Light Gray 3/4 Length Sleeve Button Up Cardigan
1 Pair of Pajama Pants
1 Pair of Knit Shorts to sleep in
2 Big T-shirts to Sleep In
1 Fleece Columbia Zip Up Jacket (Worn on Plane) This got worn a lot in Switzerland!
2 Pairs of Ball Stud Earrings
1 Black and Gray Long Bead Necklace
1 Red Scarf
12 Pairs of socks
12 Pairs of Underwear
2 Nude & 2 Black T-Shirt Bras
A Hat my Hubby Bought Me
1 Pair of Hiking Shoes  (Worn on the Plane and MOST of the time in Europe)
1 Pair of Denim Slip-Ons
1 Pair of Silver Flowered Flip-Flops (Never Worn, because I didn't wear the dress!)
Cross Body Purse my Grandma Crocheted for me Forever Ago

My favorite Jeans with Long Gray Tank, Dark Gray Cardigan and Long Gray Beads

Basic Gray Striped Close-Fit Tee
Basic Gray Striped Tee with Blue Hoodie

Gray Striped Tee with 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan and Red Scarf

A lot of the vacation was "active" and since the people I was with were doing a lot of active things, it was pretty casual.  That's why I had so many pairs of leggings.  I only wore each pair once, because truthfully I'm just not that comfortable in leggings!  I ended up wearing my one pair of favorite jeans a lot.  I mean A. LOT.  There was a certain point when I just didn't want to wear leggings anymore, although the printed leggings I took are the most comfortable leggings ever.  EVER.  I'll tell you guys more about those in another post.  I wish I had more pictures of my actual outfits, but I was the picture taker, not the picture takee.  Ha.  It's a word! Trust me. . . .

What types of things do you usually pack when you go on vacation?  Do you have favorite items that you take with you?

Come back tomorrow to see how I fit it all in!

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