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As most of you know by now, my hubby and I traveled to Europe in the middle of September.  We had some flight connections that I was unsure of, so I wanted to pack as light as possible.  I wanted to be able to carry everything onto the planes with me.  Crazy, I know!  I had friends who said, "Oh, I could never pack that little.  I'd want to have all kinds of stuff with me.  I always over-pack."  I needed to make it work, however.  I have a little anxiety when it comes to unknown situations and thinking that I could have my luggage with me at all times made me feel better about the traveling situation.  I packed as much as I could into that little carry-on and overnight bag (actually, I could have fit a lot more, but I was trying to make sure I had the exact correct dimensions.  My suitcase itself could have fit more for sure!)

The things that made my packing easier:

  • Rolling clothes together.
  • Packing cubes so that I could keep items separate and organized.
  • Wearing my biggest shoes and jacket in the airport and on the plane.
  • Having my quart sized bag of liquids with the 3-1-1 rule maxed out.
  • Reduced amounts of liquids needed by using a 3 in 1 product.
  • Having a small purse that would fit inside my overnight bag to be able to adhere to the "One personal item, One Carry-on" Rule
This is a great video from BuzzFeed on Facebook. You can find the full article HERE.

Here's another great video that I actually shared with my friends who were going with us to Europe. I think my hubby and I were the only ones who ended up packing small, though. She recommends packing lightweight items. Our issue was that it was going to be cooler in Switzerland and we needed jackets and sweaters.

I've also found these great articles with packing hacks. I've combed through a lot of them to find the best!  Most articles I found had the same hacks over and over again, so I listed the most comprehensive ones with the least amount of ads to click through. 

20 Genius Space-Saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase

I like this article below because it has different details that most pack-hack articles did not have.  Bonus info!

19 Packing Hacks for Your Next Trip

Do you have any packing hacks not listed in any of these articles or videos? 

I'll post soon about which clothes I actually packed into my bags!  There were some things that I didn't end up using and some things that I used continuously.  I'm going to show you the exact clothes that got me through our 11 day trip.  Be looking for that soon!

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  1. I don't travel that much so I can't think of any packing tips. My husband used to travel all the time for his old job, but now we stay home most of the time. Thanks for sharing your tips!


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