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 Velvet is apparently one of the trends for Fall 2016.  As I'm not willing to pay $1500 - $1800 for a designer velvet jacket~~I need something a little more budget-friendly!~~I set out to see what I could find in our local thrift store.  I found a couple velvet things, but the one piece I came home with was this red velvet jacket.

The jacket was $2.99 on the tag and blue tags were 50% off that day.  I got it for the whopping price of $1.50.  Woo Hoo!  That definitely fits into my budget.  I figure if I don't wear it, I can save it for an extra layer for the Undie Run or to go as a '70's Rock Star for Halloween.  Hehe.  

At first I couldn't figure out how the silly thing even closed!  There is a hook and eye closure and both sides looked like "eye."  I did finally figure out that there were in fact hooks on the one side, but it ended up being a little small on me while it was closed, so. . . . . .

I decided that velvet is fancy enough as is.  I wanted to dress this jacket down.  I pulled out one of my old pairs of jeans that have holes (that I did not make!) and paired it with a black tank and white button up.  Both the white shirt and the jacket are 3/4 sleeves.  I also wanted my jewelry to be a little funky and NOT my usual pearls or beads.  I didn't want to look like a little old lady.  I'll save my pearls for plaid flannel.  Ha!

Do you like our Dictionary door stop?

Does this jacket make my head look big?

Here are some of the velvet items that I could find on Polyvore.  There should be more velvet available out there if it's trending, but these are the ones that people have already clipped.  There are all different colored velvet shoes available.

The jackets for $1135?  $1800??  No thanks. Not in my budget.  I'll stick to my $1.50 Thrift Store find.

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  1. I have a fair amount of velvet in my closet for awhile, as I always loved it. What a steal! Love the color and shape of it, perfect styling too!
    Thanks for linking with My Refined Style Linkup
    jess xx


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