Two Bean Tacos

Sitting around having a lazy day on the weekend calls for easy cooking.  Especially when there's just two of us in the house.  This was one of those moments when there's not a lot in the kitchen fridge, but we still wanted something yummy.  Why is it that I always want "junk" food on the weekends???

We scoured our kitchen pantry and decided to make two bean tacos.

 What are two bean tacos?  We didn't know either. 
We started with a can of chickpeas.   I was going to season the chick peas with taco seasoning and crisp them up a little.  We also decided to use refried beans as well.

After we cooked the chick peas on the stove, we finished the tacos up in the oven.

To cook the chickpeas, we turned the burner on medium high and let it heat with 1 Tablespoon of olive oil.  We added the drained can of chickpeas and heated until they were warm and browned.  Some of them actually ended up popping.  Be careful!  Sprinkle the chickpeas with half to 2/3 of a taco seasoning packet.  You might need to add a little water if it gets too dry~~just a little~~you want the chickpeas to be a little on the crispy side.  Let cook about 5 minutes longer, stirring occasionally to season the chickpeas.  

We spread a layer of refried beans in each taco shell and then spooned the seasoned chickpeas on top of that.  Then we sprinkled shredded taco cheese on top.

We cooked them in the oven for about 7 minutes at 325 degrees.  I used a bread pan to fit the taco shells in so that they would stand.

I garnished mine with avocado and diced tomatoes with peppers.  Yum!  Easy weekend "junk" food.

I loved the chickpeas so much that I just ate a lot of them straight out of the skillet.  Chickpeas are something that we try to keep stocked in our kitchen pantry.  They sure make throwing together a meal like this one quick and easy.  I also have some dried chickpeas in my pantry, but they take more time and preparation.   Do you have any items you keep in your kitchen pantry for quick and thrown together meals?

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