Wordless Wednesday Kuchen in the Clouds

On that day that our friends were doing the via ferrata in Switzerland, my hubby and I walked around Murren and had "Kuchen in the Clouds."  That's how we've referred to it ever since that day.  The clouds rolled in and all I could think was, "I hope they're not hanging off the cliffs with this rolling through right now!"  The day worked out as planned, though.  They made it through the via ferrata.  When they got back, the boys went and jumped off one of the cliffs and the girls went to lunch.  Then, three of the girls went paragliding.  The other two girls and I headed back down to Lauterbrunnen to meet everyone at Horner's Pub.

Here are the pictures of our day in the clouds and our Kuchen and Coffee.  And some other pictures of Murren.

 These pictures were from when we were walking around.  At several places throughout the area we were in, there were water troughs.  I thought this one looked cool.
We met a cat at one of the overlooks!  He was very friendly.
More from the walk. . . . .
When the girls and I went to lunch, we actually went back to the same restaurant that the hubby and I had our Kuchen and coffee.  At lunch, a lot of us had pommes frites and tomato soup.
The restaurant was called Edelweiss.

Happy Wordless Wednesday, y'all!

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  1. I want to eat beyond those clouds too! Such a pretty place!



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