10 Delicious Looking Recipes for Chicken Drumsticks

When you're trying to be thrifty in your kitchen with your food budget, chicken legs are a great option.  Frequently, they are on sale for less than a dollar a pound.  If you're trying to go organic or at least more natural (no antibiotics, no fillers, free range, etc.), chicken legs would be one of the least expensive parts of the organic chicken.

I recently bought some chicken legs, which unfortunately were not organic, for .77 cents/pound. The last time I cooked chicken legs, I used the chicken leg recipe from my Quick & Easy One Pan Cooking | 10+ Sheet Pan Recipes to Try post. They were pretty good.  I don't have any oranges right now though, and I didn't want to just throw the chicken legs in the oven plain this time.   That left me searching for some interesting chicken leg recipes that may incorporate stuff I already have in my kitchen.  Here are 10 recipes that I found.  I hope something catches your eye!

**Baked Herb and Garlic Chicken Drumsticks Recipe  This recipe looks simple, easy & yummy!  Jacqui also has other chicken recipes on her blog which include a recipe for Sweet & Sticky Oven Baked Chicken Drumsticks.  I have many bulbs of garlic right now, so I zeroed in on the first one!

**Sweet and Sour Drumsticks with Squash and Red Onions I have everything to make this recipe, except for the orange. Again.  It sounds yummy, though, so I'm definitely saving it for later!  It's a one pot meal that incorporates both sweet and savory and uses butternut squash and red onions.

**This next recipe from the Living Lou blog looks wonderful!  Plus, you can cook it in your slow cooker.  Check out Louisa's Slow Cooker Chicken Legs and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.
It uses chicken legs, sun-dried tomatoes, Dijon mustard and chili pepper flakes.  Yum!  I'm sure while it's cooking all day, the kitchen will smell amazing!

**This 5-Ingredient Sticky Stove Top Drumstick recipe actually comes with a video and is making my mouth water right. now.

**Triple D Drum Sticks from Kaluhi's Kitchen.  Although I never deep fry anything, these drumsticks look amazing and feature Guinness Stout beer.  Wow!  I want to jump through my computer screen and eat every last one.
Make sure you check out her blog and her Instagram feed.  You'll be hungry for sure.

**This Chicken Adobo Recipe looks interesting.  It has coconut milk, white vinegar and soy sauce.  It's another recipe that can be cooked on the stove top in your kitchen.

**These grilled chicken legs (Drumsticks for Dad with Zesty White Barbecue Sauce) look yummy, but it was the White Barbecue sauce that caught my eye.  I have never heard of such a thing.  Sounds interesting with horseradish and Greek yogurt.

**Coca-Cola Drumsticks I know that some people cook with various sodas (pop, if you're from the Midwest, Coke if you're from the South! Ha!), but I've never actually cooked with any before.  I figured I already had a recipe listed with a stout beer, why not list one made with Coke.  Sounds interesting and fairly easy.  

**Thai Inspired Maple Balsamic Glazed Chicken Drumsticks
This recipe comes with instructions for either grilling or cooking in the oven.  I know it's sad, but we're not huge grillers here, so I love the oven instructions!

**This next recipe caught my eye because of the dill.  It's a Mediterranean inspired chicken with yogurt, dill and pepper sauce.  She had me at dill.  Spicy Dill Chicken Drumsticks.

 I have certainly gathered a lot of inspiration for my chicken drumsticks tonight!!!  I hope you can find some inspiration for your next cost conscious chicken leg meal!

Which Chicken Leg Recipe do you think would be your favorite?

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