Stretch Your Fashion & Home Decor Budget by Shopping Clearance

Clearance sections are a treasure trove of unexpected savings for shoppers dedicated enough to dig through the selection. While you may have to search a bit to find your style or size, you can reap outstanding rewards for your persistence. Make sure you’re getting the most out of every clearance purchase with these tips for bargain shopping with the best.

Know Where to Go

While brand outlets, shops, and web pages are a great place to start looking for your favorite items, don’t forget to branch out to other retailers who carry the same products. If you love Guess, you’ll find great picks both in the actual Guess stores and at many department stores. The coupons and sales at Kohl’s are notorious for their outstanding savings, so you may find a better price shopping their clearance racks than you will in the brand name location.

Mark Your Calendar

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Most stores follow a predictable pattern for their sales and clearance cycles. However, the average shopper doesn’t pay enough attention to follow along. Strike up a conversation with the sales personnel at your favorite stores and you may get some great tips for scheduling your shopping trips.
JCPenney marks items down on the first and third Fridays of the month, for clearance prices of up to 90 percent off. Kohl's savings are best on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. Macy’s typically begins their markdowns on Sunday and continues through Tuesday, so you’ll find the best clearance selection on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. Knowing when to shop makes a big difference for savvy clearance buyers.

Look for Timeless Picks

Clearance items are typically those that are out of season. If you like to stay on top of the latest trends, you might struggle to find the right styles in the clearance section. Instead of looking for distinctive trending pieces, turn to versatile classics. Solid colored blouses or T-shirts, neutral slacks, flattering jeans, and those little black dresses have endless uses. You can pair these pieces with more distinctive shoes, jewelry, and accessories to create a look that’s always current, while stocking your closet with lasting items that you can turn to for years to come.

Stack Your Savings

There’s no need to stop at the clearance price for your items. Continue to stack your savings with promo codes and coupons. These are particularly well-suited to online shopping. You can snag added perks like free shipping for your Bed Bath and Beyond purchase through a coupon site. Shopping through the third-party site lets you tack extra sales and savings on to already discounted online merchandise. If you’re shopping in store, see if you can clip newspaper coupons, use in-store rewards dollars, or pick up added savings through an associated app.

Clearance sections are one of the best places to pick up bargain items. Just make sure the products you’re buying are in good condition and contain all the necessary pieces in the case of a boxed set. With a smart inspection and mindful shopping techniques you can target the best picks for outstanding prices.

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