That November Minimalist Challenge Became a November/December Challenge!

 If you remember, I was trying to do the November Minimalist challenge.  I started out in November doing okay.  If I'm remembering correctly, by the end of the challenge, I should have gotten rid of 465 items.  I'm sure I got rid of that many items if you count each piece of paper in my recipe binder, each expired coupon in my coupon purse and each piece of train track that I sent to my cousin!

I also got rid of 25 - 30 things from one of my bathroom drawers.  It was stuff that I had had way too long and probably wasn't good for me.  And truthfully if some of them were drug store items, how good were they for me to begin with?  I'm trying to get away from a lot of those drugstore beauty item chemicals.  So, it was a good cleanse for me.

I also went through my baking cabinet and donated some old candy molds, etc. (I hope the thrift store was able to use them!~~seems like other things I've seen there before.)

I donated 4 bags of my clothes and kids clothes that don't fit any more.  Plus, I sold two lots of boys clothes on ebay~~ which were around 40 pieces JUST for the ebay lots.  So, I definitely got rid of at least 100 pieces of outgrown clothing.

That recipe binder though!  Wow!  Between my two binders and a small file box that I have, it took me between 3 and 4 hours to ditch duplicates, get rid of recipes I wouldn't use, condense and re-file all of that stuff.  It. Was. Crazy.

I went through the shelves in my craft room where the kids just throw their stuff and got rid of or recycled some stuff.

This month, I've been trying to go through the Christmas decoration boxes and get rid of the stuff that either doesn't work OR was trash.  I threw out a couple strands of lights that don't work. . . . . not sure if you're supposed to recycle those?  Does anyone know for future reference?

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about the stuff that I've recycled, donated or just had to throw out.  I'm way over the 465 items.  I feel like there's still more to do though, so I'm going to keep working as I can throughout December.

Also, I got rid of a LOT of photos that I didn't need on my tablet anymore.  Whew!

I feel so much more peaceful when things are less cluttered.

Did you participate in any kind of de-cluttering or minimalist challenge recently?  How did you do?

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