The Ebola Virus - Is There Reason to be Worried?

The Ebola Virus - Is There Reason to be Worried?

There’s been a lot of bad news and headlines related to cases of Ebola virus infections over the past few months. I don’t know which one is scarier: the actual virus or the stories that have been circulating through various outlets. While Ebola is a dangerous virus, the government, along with universities such as the Universityof Southern California and their online MPH programs, are well prepared to handle cases of infection.

You too can take active steps towards helping the cause. To limit the spread of the Ebola virus, you need to know how the virus spreads in the first place. It gets transmitted through the transfer of blood and bodily fluids as well as contact with surfaces that have been contaminated (i.e. towels with infected blood on them touching the open wound of an uninfected person).

Be sure to take the time to read How Ebola Spreads by the University of Southern California to learn more.

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