Time to Get Back Into Shape! The Squat Challenge I Did Today

I know right before the holidays seem like a weird time to get in shape.  I meant to start on December 1st, but . . . . . .LIFE. . . . . right???  I am going to have to put my bathing suit on in 11 days and I know I won't be able to get completely in shape by then, but I figured anything I do now is better than nothing.  I'm not good at working out by my own design.  That's why I love working out to videos.  If the people in the videos tell me to keep going, I'm more than likely to keep going.

If I try to do squats on my own and say I'm going to do 50 squats, I might just stop at 25. . . .

If I'm watching a video and THEY don't stop at 25, I'm less likely to stop.  I'm not gonna lie, I didn't make it through every squat on this video.  I know I did at least 90 though.

This is a 100 squat challenge and it has 10 different squats.  The squats with the pulses at the bottom and the jump squats were the hardest for me.   I think I'll check out some of the other Fitness Blender videos, too.   Have you ever tried YouTube workouts?

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