Letting Go of the Clutter for New Energy in Life

The November Minimalist challenge was a great way for me to start making way for a less-cluttered, more simple life.  Getting rid of the things that hold you back can be a very good thing.  Every couple years I go through my house and try to minimize.  I am still currently in the process of trying to do that.  I've made the decision to get rid of most of my magazines.  I've read through most of them at least once.  I read *most* of them shortly after I receive them.  I keep them to re-read them, though, and to gather inspiration for all kinds of things.  The truth is though, I'm never going to have a chance to re-read most of these things.  It makes me sad, but I must say goodbye.

I will be donating them to a recycle bin at a local church.  At least some good can come of my magazine obsession.  I will be keeping any 2016 editions and try to re-read those. Plus, I will keep the Prevention magazines, the National Geographic magazines (only 1 year, anyway) and the ReadyMade magazines for reference.   For now, I will also keep the Yoga magazines and the Whole Living magazines to TRY to go back through before I take them to the recycle bin at the church.

Letting go can be a beautiful thing.   Other things I'll be working on this week:
  • Cleaning out the laundry room.
  • Cleaning the front hall closet.
  • Cleaning the back hall closet.
We have a really short week this week.  Not only did my kids have Monday off for Martin Luther King day, but they also have Friday off.   So, I'll get done what I can get done.  No stress.

I love this photo quote from Facebook.  This was forwarded by Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life.  They share all kinds of Inspirational stuff on Facebook.  Letting go can be letting go of physical things, mental things, things that just aren't working for you anymore.  What will you let go of in 2017?

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