It Exists Y'all! Yoga for When You're Sick | Today's YouTube Find

 My daughter has been one little sicky lately.  'Tis the season.  It seems like if it's not a cold, then it's a stomach virus.  She hasn't been able to keep food down for the last two days.

Last week when she was home with a cold, we were trying to find a YouTube video for yoga poses to do when you don't feel well.

We found one!  We didn't end up doing it last week, but I did it today.  I like to try out all of the videos that I'm searching for so that I can review them for you guys.

I found this video to be very relaxing.  I like how she words things and tells you not to push it.  I also love the chant she suggests at the end about your immune system.  Although I'm not sick right now, I feel like this would make me feel better if I was sick. It's a short sequence of postures for when you have a cold or when your immune system is feeling low. 

The poses are nice and easy and the video is fairly short, I believe around 20 minutes.

I think I'd try more of her videos.  I'll have to subscribe to her channel and see what else she has.  

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