On Clearance! Only 2 Weeks Left to Order These Holiday Scents!

Ahhhh, Spring!  The time for re-birth and all things new.  The trees start budding, the flowers start growing.  Here.  . . the ground becomes muddy. . . . but we won't talk about that.  We're talking about fresh and new.  It's time for the NEW Spring and Summer products to be available at Lemongrass Spa  (Coming March 10th!!!).  That means it's also time to retire the Holiday scents.  If Frosted Cranberry, Candy Cane or Snickerdoodle sound good to you, there are only 2 weeks left to order them!

I ordered a couple Frosted Cranberry soaps for myself already.  💚😊👏
I really wanted to order more of the Candy Cane prebiotic hand wash.  I'm in love with how it makes my hands feel while I'm washing them.  The prebiotic hand wash helps my hands to feel less dry in the Winter when I have to wash them so many times.

Here are the items that are on clearance and will only be around until March 10th.  After that, the whole NEW round of products and catalogs will be out!!! Yay for Spring!

On Clearance and going bye-bye ~~  
(clicking any of the pictures will take you to my shopping website.  If you shop at my website, I will earn a commission. Products are ONLY available through independent consultants. Thank you!)

Snickerdoodle Body Icing ~~  On clearance for $12.80
Snickerdoodle Duo (Mini Body Polish & Mini Icing) ~~  On clearance for $4.80
Snickerdoodle Gift Set (Includes Full Size Body Polish, Full Size Body Icing & Room Spray)~~ On clearance for $31.20
Candy Cane Gift Set (Includes Full Size Hand Wash, Lotion Duo & Room Spray) ~~ On clearance for $27.20
Frosted Cranberry Collection (Includes Hand & Body Soap, Room Spray and Lotion Duo) ~~ On clearance for $23.20
Candy Cane, Snickerdoodle OR Frosted Cranberry Room Spray ~~ $7.20 each

Candy Cane or Frosted Cranberry Lotion Duo ~~  $13.60

Candy Cane Prebiotic Hand Wash ~~ $9.60

Frosted Cranberry Hand & Body Soap ~~ $6.00

Snickerdoodle Body Polish ~~  $13.60

It's also last call for the Chocolate Cake Scented Body Polish & Body Icing.  They are NOT on clearance, but will be gone March 10th.

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