STOP with the Junk Food!! Family Meeting to Discuss Healthier Lifestyle and the Resources I'm Using for the Meeting

I decided this morning that my family needs a complete overhaul to their food plan.

I have called for a Family Meeting Tonight!

 I was hoping that by modeling good food behaviors, my family would follow along and make their own good choices.  Well, it didn't happen that way.  I feel like my kids are old enough to make some of their own decisions about their food choices.  They are 10 and 12.  Unfortunately, their sweet tooth is winning out.

Tonight I plan on sitting down with them and creating a plan.  My plan so far has been to "shame" them whenever they make bad food decisions.  I'm kidding!!!  I do always mention that the choices that they are making might not be the best choices.  But, my d**n blabber mouth won't stop with one remark.  It's like I think the lecturing will somehow sink in and they'll have a bright light come on and make the correct choices.  Not happening, people.  So, I need to take a more active role.

Having my fridge stocked from top to bottom with produce doesn't seem to be working.  

I'm hoping to appeal to their scientific side.  They're both supposedly "gifted" in science.  Maybe sitting down and looking at some facts about how sugar affects their body might help.  I've found some articles and some YouTube videos about how sugar affects the human body.

Here is the list of videos I have tagged to watch (I haven't watched all of them to completion yet~~Let me know if you've watched them and what you think about them!)

Is Sugar Toxic? (YouTube Video)
SWEET POISON (YouTube Video)
The Sugary Truth (YouTube Video)
What Does Sugar Actually Do to Your Body? (YouTube Video)
Jamie's Sugar Rush(YouTube Video)
The Truth About Sugar (YouTube Video)

You can check out an infographic about how much sugar is actually in the foods you eat at this post:
This Graphic Shows How Much Sugar is Hiding on Your Plate

I printed this article from called:
This is Exactly What Happens to Your Body When You Eat a Ton of Sugar

I actually found a documentary on Netflix called Sugar Coated that is a documentary about the Sugar Industry and how they've spun PR over the years, how they're still listed as safe by the FDA, and the effects that sugar consumption has had on health over the last several decades. I found it very interesting, although a little long.  I doubt I'll be able to get my family to watch the whole thing, but maybe I could get them to watch a little bit.
Do you have any other ideas for documentaries about sugar consumption and how it affects the body?

I've also printed out a list of over 50 names for added sugar so that they can help me look at the ingredients in different food products.

I've created a page that tells how many grams of sugar kids are supposed to eat per day. . . . It's less than 25 grams. . . . 

And I've printed out a weekly calendar so that we can fill in which days they will have their treats.  I'm not going to make them stop eating the yummy things altogether, but we do need to have a better plan of attack.   I'm hoping that if we can put down their "cheat" days on a calendar they will have something to look forward to and they'll stop asking me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY for ice cream or pizza or "just something small from the drive through."  They'll be able to help me fill the calendar in and stick with it.  Hopefully.  It's worth a try, right?

I've searched the internet to find the calendar that I like the best and I ended up with this one from  I was looking for a printable that didn't need to be downloaded, was free, fit the whole page (or so I thought. .. . it actually printed smaller than it looked)  and had space to write what we needed to write.  I chose this exact one because it was fun and colorful.  The looks like they have lots of free printables to choose from.  I think I'll bookmark it for any future calendar and planning needs. 

Part of my plan is to try to be more proactive.  So often I try to take the easy way out.  I'll let them have granola bars and pretzels and "cracker" cheese dippers because they're easy.  And I don't want my kids to never have the "fun" stuff.  It's just gotten out of control how many times they reach for those things. 

If you talk to my husband or kids they'll tell you that "they don't eat as bad as some kids!!!"  But, listen. . . this is what I'm going to say back from now on. . . .

"What the other kids put into THEIR bodies, doesn't affect how YOUR body works!"  

I just think that if my husband and kids could know the difference of how being "healthy" feels as opposed to how their bodies feel when they're feeding it sugar and processed foods they might re-think their food choices.  They have to want to feel better MORE than they want the junk food.  And that's a hard thing to teach.

I want my kids to reach for veggies and fruit for snack instead of leftover taco shells.  I want them to realize that dairy causes mucus build-up.  I want them to realize that bad gas and stuffy noses don't have to be " the norm ".

I don't think it's too much to ask for them to work with me on this.    So, I'm going into tonight with the faith and hope that they won't brush me off or think I'm "just being mom."  As I said, I'm going to try to appeal to their scientific side and hope that they actually help me plan.  The Supersize documentary seemed to help my oldest realize that McDonald's isn't always the greatest choice.  Maybe watching these sugar videos will help him realize the same about sugar.

Maybe I'll also have him look up some of the chemicals that are used as food additives in some of his favorite foods. 

My word of the year is FLOURISH.  Now I know that in order for me to FLOURISH I need to get my family on board with eating healthy as well.

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