Whole 30 is Done. Days 1 - 7 in Photos.

This year is already flying by.  I completed my Whole30 on January 31, 2017.  That means I made it 30 days without alcohol, grains (all grains, even pseudo-grains), sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and dairy.  I did it, I did it, I did it!  God gave me the strength to get through 30 days. It wasn't as hard as you'd think it would be once you get into your groove.  I definitely had my days when I wanted something that I wasn't allowed to eat, but I held my ground.  I think it was easier for me because I was allowed to have fruit and potatoes.  It wasn't no-carb.  I actually probably ate more fruit and potatoes than I should have.

Although I definitely wasn't trying to lose weight, I lost 7 pounds.

All in all, I'm happy I made my way through the Whole 30.  You really have to have a completely different mindset while you're going through it.  If I got frustrated there was no "well, I'm looking forward to my glass of wine."  There was NO wine!

It was nice to not wake up sluggish after drinking wine the night before.  It was nice that my tummy wasn't as bloated.  There were a lot of nice things about doing this "lifestyle change."  To be quite honest, I'm worried about adding things back in and falling into old habits.  That's why you're supposed to add things back in one at a time though, so that you can know which foods affect you.  I already had rice noodles yesterday, so I guess I added "rice" back in.   I also had some dark chocolate covered espresso beans the other night.  Not sure if those affected me or not.

The next thing I'll add back in is alcohol because we have the Undie Run tomorrow and it's a party.  I'm unsure as of right now what I'll be doing on SuperBowl Sunday!

After SuperBowl Sunday, I'll be trying out another "cleansing" lifestyle change.  It's kind of the same as the Whole30 in the fact that it's based around Whole foods.  It's definitely different than the Whole30 that it's more vegetable based and it believes in food combining.

Anyway, here is a look at how Days 1 - 7 looked on my Whole30.

Day 1, January 2, 2017

Day 2, January 3, 2017
Day 3, January 4, 2017
Day 4, January 5, 2017
Day 5, January 6
Day 6, January 7, 2017
Day 7, January 8, 2017

Have you ever tried anything like the Whole30?  Do you make whole foods a part of your every day diet?

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  1. Nice! That is one colorful and healthy menu for you! LOVE IT! I am doing something very similar to the Whole30 right now and have been very happy with how I have been feeling each day and I don't feel deprived or hungry......which is always a bonus!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Glad you're feeling great on your similar eating plan. What is on your plan??


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