Yoga for Upper Back Pain Relief (Back Knots) | YouTube Video Find

I have always had upper back problems and mid-to-upper back problems.  I've been going to the Chiropractor now for a couple years with great success.  Unfortunately, our insurance changed and my Chiropractor is no longer covered.  We will be switching our entire insurance soon, so I'm hoping that he will be covered by our newest health insurance.  There are other chiropractors under our insurance, but my current doctor knows me and I know him.  It would be ideal to not have to change doctors.  Since I am holding off on the chiropractor in hopes that he'll be covered under our new insurance, my back is getting more and more tense.    Since my back was hurting a little, I was on the hunt for a yoga for upper back video.

I found one!  Man, I love YouTube!  Pretty sure I'll have a whole list of my favorite YouTubers who do workout and yoga videos soon.

My thoughts on this video:
  • I've apparently never done Yin yoga before.  You hold the poses a really long time.  I'm not used to holding poses that long and I kept looking up to make sure she didn't switch poses without me realizing it. 
  • Some of the poses actually made my nose stuffy.  It could be because my face was always so close to the floor.  
  • I love the "thread the needle" pose and the twists.  My back actually did feel better after doing the video and seemed to feel good the rest of the day.

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