Yoga for Valentine's Day? I Found 3 YouTube Videos. Open Your Heart!

 Last night I tried out 2 videos for bedtime yoga.  I'll post about those tomorrow.  While I was doing the yoga, I wondered if there were yoga videos for Valentine's Day.  Well, of course there is!  YouTube has everything.  And I mean everything.  The video I ended up watching for Valentine's Day are poses to open your heart and chest.

This video is called Heart Opening Yoga Poses | Valentine's Day Workout

Here's what I like:
  • The instructor is teaching someone else how to do the poses.
  • She tells exactly how and where your body is supposed to be.

What I'm not in love with:
  • This video just shows the poses and tells you how many reps, but doesn't actually go through all the reps.  When I work out, I'm a bit of a dummy.  I want to be guided the entire way through so that I know exactly how much time to give to each pose.  I like guidance!    If you're okay with pausing the video and doing how many reps they tell you to do, on your own, then this will probably be okay.
  • Some of the poses look like they would be a little difficult for me.  I'm going to try them anyway.  

This next video looks like it's brand new on YouTube.  This girl films her own videos, so they're more like home videos.  I'm going to share it because might as well help a girl out!  Here are the things that I like and don't like.

  • She's likable.
  • She explains how to position yourself in the poses.  I actually learned something I didn't know before about cow pose.
What I thought she could improve on:
  • There's no mention of breath.  Most yoga videos that I've ever done has connected breathing to each pose and it's a very important part.

The next one I haven't watched all the way through yet, but I've done a couple of her videos before and I like her.  So, although I have no review of this video, hopefully it will be as good as her other ones.  She called it a Valentine's Vinyasa.  It's a self-love self-care video.  Self care is SO important.  You have to take time for yourself and your body!

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