Take the Veggies 30 Ways in 30 Days Challenge! #vegout2017 #trackyourveg

While I was searching for challenges to do in March, I came across a Veggie Challenge.  This was a very happy find!  I'm so excited.  I really wanted to share the site with you because I think it's really cool.  You can become part of a community to challenge yourself to eat more veggies.  You can join in March or you can do it any time.  It is hosted by the Recipe for Success Foundation.  

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You can do it as an individual, with your kids, with a team of colleagues from work. . . . it's up to you!  I just signed up as an individual to try it out and see what would happen.  There's an easy sign up form and then you can start tracking your veggies! 
I'm doing mine on my computer, but it looks like there is an app if you would like to keep track on your mobile device.  That is probably the more convenient way to track for most people.  As of  right now I have not uploaded the mobile app though.

On the website, there are tabs so that you can raise money if you'd like, track your veggies, see a list of teams, "find your veggies", find recipes, or go the page's blog.

There are many ways to interact with the community, such as posting to instagram, leaving a comment on their blog and interacting with their Facebook page.

You can even earn badges by posting a recipe to them in those ways.

Their recipe page looks like this and you can find all kinds of great veggie recipes.

 They also have a "Tools" section where you can find tools for educators, parents or worksite wellness tools.  There are lots of printables including, veggie tracking sheets, printable recipe cards, and my personal favorite:   

I've already tracked 2 veggies from my breakfast!!  How many can you track today?

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