Which New Lip Color is Your Favorite? Persimmon or Sangria?

 I have been wearing makeup since I was 11.  Yep, you read that right.  I was 11 years old.  That would make me a pre-teen in the 80's.  Anyone remember what 80s makeup was like?  It was full out, full-on, full-blown makeup.  And a lot of it.  Nowadays, I get by with the bare minimum on most days, some days not wearing any at all.  I still love getting ready for a special night out with full-blown makeup, but for the most part I'm into simplicity now.

I love my easy makeup routine that I have with my Lemongrass Spa mineral makeup now.  I use the BB Creme, maybe the concealer if  I remember it and the organic mascara (which I LOVE.)  And of course
a lip color. (Lookin' like it's almost time to buy a new BB Creme!) 

 Lemongrass Spa has organic lipstick and organic lip gloss.  I started my Lemongrass Spa Lip Color journey with the Red Hot color in the lip gloss.  I. Love. it.  It makes my lips soft and smells like vanilla.

Up until this point, I had one color in the lipstick~~Cocoa Berry.  As far as I was concerned the major drawback to Lemongrass Spa lipstick was that I wish they had more colors.

Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? 

They brought out 2 new colors in the Brand New Spring/Summer Catalog!!!

The 2 new colors are called Persimmon and Sangria.  I bought them both.  I was trying not to spend too much money last month, but I decided that I really wanted the two new lip colors, so I went for it.  I'm not disappointed!

Which is your favorite color of the two new ones?


Or Sangria?

I posted to Facebook and Instagram to get people's opinion on which I should try first.  I grew impatient though and just went with the Persimmon.  I like it!  Of course this picture doesn't do it's vibrant red-orange color justice.  You'll have to use your imagination! (I 💖how the mascara makes my lashes look!  Told you I loved that stuff!)

I love how soft the lipsticks make my lips feel and I love that it doesn't have a lot of the chemicals that most of the store brands have.  There are never any parabens, pthalates, or petroleum.  Plus, they're handmade here in the US by a woman-owned company. 

The organic lipsticks are only $16 or 3/$42 if you'd like to get a lip wardrobe.  They come in 8 shades and have 2 finishes.  There are 5 Satin finishes and 3 Frosts.  If you ever feel so inclined, you may shop at my Lemongrass Spa website.  The 2 new lipstick colors will be available beginning March 10th.  (I'm an Independent Consultant and make commission on my sales~~ if you'd ever like to know about that, let me know!)

All 3 of the colors that I personally own are in the satin finish.

Beginning March 10th, when the new catalog will become available,

when you purchase either the Persimmon or the Sangria Organic Creme Lipstick, you get a bonus trial size in the same color.  So, you can get a full-size one for yourself and share a sample size with a friend!  (or keep it for yourself!)

Which makeup products are on your "simple" makeup plan?

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