8 Salmon Recipes You Can Cook On the Stove

We have recently been having some technical issues with our oven.  It's basically being a pain the butt.  Not coming on.  Taking a long time to come on.  Not lighting in the middle of cooking to keep the oven at the right temperature.  The darn thing is only 4 years old!  Silly thing.  The stove top works fine, however.  We've had to be a little more resourceful since we can't use our oven.  I have a couple bags of frozen salmon in the freezer that I need to use and although I could keep coming up with my own stove-top salmon recipes, I figured I'd see what's out in cyberspace already.  Today only, why re-invent the wheel???

Here are 10 salmon recipes that I've found that you can cook on your stove-top.  Enjoy!  And be sure to let us know which one sounds like it would be your favorite.

1. Seared Salmon Tacos with Asparagus Scallion Salsa.
This one sounds like it's actually part of a meal service, but I liked the idea of it.  The post has a recipe, so I might give it a try sometime.  Since I don't have all of the ingredients on hand, this will be a recipe I need to save for later.

2. This next recipe seems kind of involved, because it's a salmon burger recipe.  The recipe creator suggests hand-chopping the salmon instead of using a food processor.  I never even thought about or knew you could make salmon burgers from raw fish, so this one is definitely a new one for me.  He suggests cooking it in a frying pan because the fish patties would be too delicate to grill.

3.  While I was looking for the salmon burger recipe video for the burger above, I came across a video for Salmon Chowder.  It has bacon in it!  Yummo.  We will have to give this one a try sometime.

4. Because I love anything with cumin and paprika (my 2 favorite spices!) AND I love avocado, this next one looks absolutely delish.  She used an indoor grill to cook her salmon and it looks amazing!
Plus, this recipe is Whole30 approved if I ever decided to do Whole30 again.
Whole30 Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa from the Cookie Rookie.

5. We love to make homemade fried rice in our house.  We've never made salmon fried rice that I can remember, though.  This looks like a super-simple and quick recipe for Salmon Egg Fried Rice from the goodfood website.

6. I actually made Salmon Hash last week, but this recipe looks amazing!  I love colorful potatoes.  They're so much fun.  Be sure to hop over to the Cookin' Canuk website for her Skillet Salmon Potato Hash Recipe.  It is beautiful!

7.  The next recipe is from the Food Network website.  It's a healthy powerhouse with salmon, black beans and broccoli.  It supposedly cooks in 20 minutes, so it would be great for a weeknight meal.
20 Minute Hoisin Skillet Salmon

8. This next "recipe" is more of a basic cooking instruction.  It's for Pan Fried Salmon. Sounds like you can season it however you like.  The basic recipe just calls for seasoning it with salt and pepper. Even though it's basic, it has a 5 star rating on the Food Network website with 37 reviews.

What's your favorite way to cook salmon and which of these would you like to try?

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