Craft Time! DIY Tree of Life Spangle Canvas

Last month, when I had my Spring-Summer Lemongrass Spa kickoff party, I bought a couple different Spring-themed things from the dollar store.  One thing that I bought was a little bag of Spring or Summer themed Spangle confetti.  We used it to make this crafty little wall art canvas.

 I didn't end up using the confetti at the party.  When I was going to store it for who-knows-what-reason, an idea popped into my head.  I thought the spangles would look pretty cute on a Tree of Life artsy-craftsy canvas.

We still have a couple blank canvases left and we used a small square one for this project.

Here's what we used:

-1 small square canvas
-paint color of choice
-sponge brush or small paint brush
-tacky glue
-brown yarn (a couple yards depending on how many branches you want)
-Spring-themed spangle mix
-glitter, if desired

Here's what we did:
Paint the canvas.  I decided to do a sky blue color.

When the blue paint dries, draw your tree trunk and tree branches.  I made the ends of mine swirly.
Glue your yarn onto the lines you've drawn to create your tree.

Glue spangle flowers and leaves randomly around your tree branches.

Glue spangle flowers and leaves randomly around your tree branches.

At this point, I sprinkled glitter onto the wet glue that was showing underneath the yarn and spangles.

Let dry.
Carefully carry your canvas to a garbage can and shake excess glitter off. (Unless you're coordinated enough to somehow save your excess glitter!)

My daughter loves this craft canvas and it ended up in her room!

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