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We have a lot of egg cartons lying around.  Since we began the Whole30, we've been eating a lot more eggs than we used to.  Even though neither of us is doing the Whole30 right now, my hubby is still eating a lot of eggs.  We save some of our cartons for our neighbor who owns chickens, but we eat more eggs than her chickens lay!  I decided to take a couple of our cartons and create this craft with them.

This craft uses 4 egg cartons.

Here are the things that you'll need for this craft:

-4 paper (cardboard?) egg cartons
-tacky glue
-paint color of your choice ~~ we chose a blueish color
-foam paint brush
-about 1/2 yard of fabric of your choice ~~ we used a white with red print
-1/2 to 3/4 yard of white tulle
-32 double ended "berry" or "cherry" craft stems OR buttons for the center of the "flower"
-fabric remnants to make leaves,  hanger and strip to cover edges ~~ We used a green gingham check
-pinking shears
-a round lid from a 1 quart yogurt container to use as circle guide
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks (I used about 5 or 6 total)

Cut the lid and tabs off your egg cartons so that you're just left with the rectangular crate part that holds the eggs.

Lay 2 egg cartons out so that they're parallel.

Lay the other 2 egg cartons over the 2 parallel cartons to form a square.

Use tacky glue to glue egg cartons together.  Because of the way the egg  cartons are built, you can't just put glue in the egg cups and glue them together.  There will be too much space and the bottom of the egg carton that's on top won't actually reach to the spot where the glue is.  I did put glue in the bottom of the egg cups before I figured that out!  You'll have to pour glue into the sides where the egg cups are stacked.  I poured glue in and then squeezed them together a little bit to make sure that the glue was connecting them.

When you have all 4 corners done, stack something heavy on top to weight it down and let it cure overnight or for a couple hours at least.

When the egg cartons are glued together, paint the top portions of egg carton that will show.  You don't have to paint all the way down into the cups because the fabric will be glued there.

You will need 32 double layers of tulle circles (64 tulle circles, total).  I just held the lid on top of the fabric and cut around it a couple layers at a time.  You could trace circles around the lid if that's easier for you.

Using the yogurt lid as your guide, cut out 32 circles from your chosen fabric.

When the paint has dried on the egg carton, you can begin gluing the fabric circles in. Just put a dab of hot glue in the bottom of the egg cup and push the circle, printed side up into the egg cup.  Be careful!  The glue is hot!  Try to the get the circle centered with the egg cup, but if it's not perfect, it's okay.

If you're using cherry stems, fold the cherry stem in half so that both cherries are next to each other and there is a pointed edge to the wire in the middle.  Poke the pointed, folded end through 2 circles of tulle and fold the end down.  Do this with all of the cherry stems and tulle circles.

Once you have all of your cherry stems and tulle circles ready, you can begin gluing them onto the fabric circles.  I just pinched everything together with the bent end of the wire showing so that I could push the flat end of the wire into the hot glue dab.  Then I gave it a little push from the top of the tulle.  Be careful, this is the part where you can end up burning yourself!  The hot glue is. . . . hot!

Note:  If you choose to use buttons instead, you can put a dab of glue, and push the tulle circles into the egg cups on top of the fabric circle.  Then, glue the button into the center of the tulle.

Once you have all of your tulle circles and cherries or buttons glued in, it's time to finish up the edges with a strip of fabric.  Because I used gingham, it was easy to measure the fabric against the edge of the cartons to see how wide to cut the strip.

 I just used one of the lines from the gingham to be my cutting guide.  I cut a strip long enough to go around the outside of the "wreath" and one long enough to go around the inside of the "wreath."

Once those are glued on, you can cut out leaf shapes.  I just free-handed it.

Hot glue the leaves on the inside of random egg cups underneath the edge of the "flower" so that it peaks out from underneath the flower.

Cut a strip of fabric the length that you'd like to become a "hanger."  I just hot glued the ends together to form a loop.

And voila!  You have your DIY Egg Carton Cherry or Flower Wreath.

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