DIY Rustic Stone Heart "Love" Canvas

I bought these little mini canvases a LOOOOONG time ago.  I decided that I wanted to make a heart shape with stones on one of them, and my final canvas ended up like this:

 I lined my little stones up like a heart and they sat there on that canvas for a little while. . . . . in fact, since Valentine's Day. . . . as you can see. . . from this Instagram post. . . .on Valentine's Day!

I finally took the time to sit down and create my canvas.  Who cares that it was 2 months later!  😉

I decided that I wanted to do it on a gray background.  It was my intention to paint the whole canvas gray, but instead I painted the inside of the heart one color and the outside another color.  I didn't worry about getting my paint "perfect."  I kind of like how it almost looks like linen the way the brushstrokes aren't perfect.

I didn't end up painting the edges, I was going to do that at a later time.  I ended up choosing to glue burlap strips on the edges.  I think it adds to the rustic feel.

I was going to write "LOVE" in the middle and then paint it.  In fact, I did write "LOVE" in the center.  But then, I realized I could use one of the "LOVE" decals left over from painting my flower pots  I erased my hand-written "LOVE" and replaced it with the decal.  It worked out perfectly!  Since I still have a "DREAM" and "BELIEVE" left over, I should make two more canvases, but we'll see.  .  .  .  .  .   Ha!  I have about 50 other projects that still need to be finished before I begin anything new.

I used tacky glue to glue the stones on.  I had to look up which kind of glue I used to glue the tiles onto my DIY Chalkboard menu board, because they are still holding on strong!  Once I remembered that I used tacky glue, I knew it would work for this project.  The stones do kind of make this canvas front heavy, but I just have mine leaning on our gallery wall that my hubby made for me.

Once the canvas was painted, the stones were glued on and the decal was adhered, I just cut a little piece of burlap into strips and hot glued them on.  I didn't worry about the edges being straight or whether little pieces were hanging off.  I like the way it adds character to the canvas.

What do you think???  I think it's cute.

Once I finally decided to sit down and do it, each part didn't take that long.  The longest part of the whole project was waiting for the tacky glue to dry.  I just gave it a day to make sure.

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