Found! YouTube Video for Hatha Yoga for Hips & Lower Back

It has now been over 3 months since I've been able to go to the Chiropractor due to a change in our insurance.  We are now back on a plan that hopefully includes my Chiropractor. I'm just waiting for our new insurance cards.  I can not wait to get my first adjustment.  I can tell that my hips are off and the tension in my middle back is crazy.

I really needed to find a yoga video for lower back and hips today.  This is a video from someone I apparently already follow on YouTube -- Yoga with Kassandra.  I went to follow her and I already follow her.  I really should be doing these videos regularly.  I'm not sure why I've gotten out of the practice.  It would have kept my back in much better shape if I would have been doing yoga every day.  As always, I still haven't found the perfect balance in life.

I really LOVED this video.  It was exactly what I needed today.  It included several variations of pigeon pose and some twists, among other poses.  At first the music was kind of distracting, but by the end of the video I didn't notice it as much.   All of the poses were easy to follow along with and were perfectly narrated.  Even without watching the screen I was able to keep the poses the exact amount of time.  I occasionally glanced at the screen just to make sure.  I might need to add this video to my favorites bar.  It was a wonderful stretch for my lower back and hips.  . .  .  .  and the cat that keeps walking through the video is cute!

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