Get Children Excited About Reading with National Geographic Kids Super Readers

I have always loved reading and love having lots of books around me.   I remember when I was little, sitting by myself reading the books that my parents got me in a book of the month club.  When I grew up and had kids of my own, I bought books for the kids whenever I could.  We used to get books from the clubs at school, from used library book sales and from garage sales.  There was one point that we had so many books that my hubby had to build new shelves just to accommodate all of the books.

I loved sitting down and reading with my kids, from the moment that they were born.  When my son was a toddler, I used to read him 2 books before nap time and 2 books before bedtime.  It was our ritual.  Of course we read at other times throughout the day as well.  I loved having him sit on my lap or sit next to me in our big, comfy rocking recliner.  We read some of the books so many times that he had the words memorized.  I would read the words and leave words out for him to fill in.  I cherished those times and I miss those times now.

We've recently been given the opportunity to review some of the National Geographic Kids Super Readers.

I  received this product for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own. I also will receive a promotional gift card for my time.

When my daughter and I were reviewing these books, we had a good time!  She's a little too old for these books now, but we still had fun quizzing each other from the Level 3 books and learning about the animals that are in danger of extinction in the Animal Ark book.  Although she's too old to just sit down and read these books, she can still use them to play "school" with.

She also loves helping out in the Kindergarten rooms at school.  These would be fun books for her to read to the kindergarteners or more likely, preschoolers.

The fun part about reading National Geographic Kids Readers is that you can go to their website and get a tracking poster. Go to  It has a list of books to read for each level.  Throughout the process parents can go to the website and download specially designated prizes.  Plus, there are more things to do online like quizzes and games.  Check out this video to learn more:

Here's a look at the books that we received.

The Super Readers come in these levels:

Pre-Reader ~~  Ready to Read.
Level 1 ~~  For kids who are beginning to read on their own.  Includes Co-readers that are perfect for an older reader and a new reader to share together.
Level 2 ~~  For kids who Read Independently.
Level 3 ~~  For Fluent Readers who are ready for more challenging vocabulary and varied sentence structures.

All of the books are full of colorful pictures and lots of information. They're geared toward whichever level they are intended for.

The Pre-Readers explain how parents can use the book, including the vocabulary tree.  In the back of the book, they encourage the kids to create their own story.

Level 1 Readers feature large words, bold headlines, definitions and vocabulary throughout the book, sometimes jokes on the top of the page and games to keep the kids active and interested.

We didn't receive any Level 2 Readers, so I don't have any to look at for the features.

Level 3 Readers still have larger text, but it's smaller than Level 1 readers because there is a lot more information.  When kids might have difficulty with the pronunciation of a word, they have how to pronounce it in parentheses after the word.  The books feature cool facts, quizzes, a glossary and an index.  These were the features that even my 10 year old and I had fun with.

The additional book that we received was Animal Ark.

It's a beautiful picture book with poetry that tries to bring awareness to how all animals and humans are family on our planet.  It has fold out pages in a couple spots in the book with big, beautiful, bold photos.

It will encourage even the youngest readers to want to help the world's animals.  We enjoyed looking at the animals in the back of the book in the foldout to see what their current status is from Least Concern to Extinct, or whether there was deficient data or hadn't been evaluated.

You can keep in touch with National Geographic and find out more info about the National Geographic Super Readers in these ways:

National Geographic Kids Super Readers can be bought at National Geographic Store, book stores and Amazon, or wherever books and e-books are sold.

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